“The” competition. Cut throat. Stealing clients. Every agent for themselves.

These are words you hear when you talk about the real estate industry, and those who are charged with representing buyers and sellers — but that couldn’t be further from how we work at Sugar Magnolia Properties.

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Teamwork. Kindness. Gratitude. Loyalty. Trust. Competence. Joy.
This is us.

In today’s busy, fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in the nitpicking, catty, jealousy, unkind attitude. But where does that get you? For me, that would make it hard for me: to sleep at night with a clear conscious; to coach…

So the last 21 days I embarked on a new health and wellness journey. I haven’t talked about it much, but it has made such an impact that I feel the need to share.

I joined a 21 day “no alcohol” program during a global pandemic. I figured this time could go one of two ways: 1) I keep my waking up/bed time hours, become more physically fit, maintain my nutrition, drink the water and monitor the “bad stuff” or 2) I stay in my pajamas working from home, stay up too late, drink too much wine, eat too many…

Today I am reflecting on the last however many days we have been in quarantine with COVID19, and thinking about all the things, large and small, that I am grateful to have in my life. It has been so nice to have a chance to slow down and have a moment to just….be. Everyday I write down 5–10 things that I am grateful for, but thought I would share some things with you today that come to mind during this pandemic:

  1. Time with my 90 year old Mimi…and her pecan pie.
  2. Daily emails from my Dad — he even changes…

Having a structured schedule and daily plan are essential for me as a small business owner. Benjamin Franklin says, “If you fail to plan you are planning to fail”. With the last couple of weeks of living in the Twilight Zone, it’s more important to me, now than ever, to stay on track, hold myself accountable and keep my good habits in place. I am striving to use this time to train, prepare and grow for the season that will come on the other side of this intermission. …

So, I am a good writer.

I know it’s one of my strengths and has been for as long as I can remember. I’d rather write about feelings than talk about them. I’d rather text it than say it (working on that), and it’s not just because I’m a millennial (older millennial, but squeezing in there). I just prefer it. Growing up I would create neighborhood newspapers and distribute throughout the block, and I always received a score of “4” on the writing portion of the yearly state TAAS test. In 7th grade, I had a fabulous English teacher (blog…

Things have been nuts lately to say the least, and nothing like I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime (and I was a high school senior during 9/11). As a broker and owner of a real estate company, I am trying to stay on top of the latest news coming down the pipeline that impacts the market, without getting sucked into the politics and day to day negativity.

Two of the best informational podcasts I have listened to regarding the epidemic and how it is going to effect the market have been with my real estate mentor and coaching company…

Melanie Northcutt

Real Estate Broker/Owner @ Sugar Magnolia Properties in Longview, TX; Southern Gal; Self-Help Obsessed; Interior Design Fanatic; Doggy Lover; Vegetarian-ish

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