How to hire fast when you’re small
Stephen McIntyre

Great article, Stephen! Thanks for sharing your hiring experiences at Twitter.

I can’t help but respond because while referrals are often a great source of talent, you yourself admit to it’s flaws (first and foremost a significant barrier to diversity). I work at an exciting startup called Workey.

Workey uses AI to match talent with career opportunities completely anonymously so hiring is truly based on merit. Workey helps companies reach the holy grail of candidates, those passive candidates, who would never waste their precious time on a job board or online job applications. We only even show you relevant candidates based on our machine learning algorithms so it saves recruiters and hiring managers a lot of time looking at irrelevant resumes and applications.

And Workey even takes your social connections into consideration by syncing with our system (optionally) so that you can see who within your company knows the candidate and can use their recommendations accordingly.

We also have great software for internal referral systems within large companies that utilize employees’ social networks to submit referrals more easily while still getting their referral bonuses. :) It’s really win-win!