Clinton Foundation Audit of 2011 found 7% of expenditures went to charity, 10% to travel and…
Will Pflaum

Please read this. I love you and you are not listening. Do not respond immediately.

According to this:

UNITAIDS and the Clinton foundation have lowered the price of AIDS drugs. I totally buy that money went back and forth, that doesn’t mean it went nowhere. The emails reveal people using charity donations to try to manipulate Clinton and that she doesn’t say yes.

108/215 is not 7%! Salaries and Travel include people who are actually doing the work so 108+18 (not including some percent of everything else plus in kind …) is almost 60%. When you add in the proportion of other categories that are involved in direct charity work you get the 87% that most audits and neutral charity watches report. You have some legitimate criticism of the motivations of the Clintons, but the millions of kids who are alive instead of dead wouldn’t want them to stop. Who do you think will be convinced by this? You worked so hard on this, why are you so angry? Is is me? or mom? Who are so angry at? Why? What do you wish for on Tuesday? In every discussion on line or in person we have had about this, I have listened carefully to you and conceded points. You have never done that. No one wants to listen to someone who doesn’t listen to them. Do you not see the existential threat our country faces? OF the presidential candidates we have with a legitimate chance of winning, who is most likely to impose martial law or suspend civil rights or start a nuclear war? Imagine on Nov 9th that it is close or Trump won. I know you are scared of a Hillary presidency, but it will not be the end of our country. Our daughters will still have control over their bodies. Vote however you want, but these screeds make you seem nutty and won’t convince anyone.