An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

There is a difference between arrogance and simply telling the truth about one’s situation. Your piece is about arrogance and self-assumption. Her’s was simply telling the truth about making some very credible efforts to make it in this world. She didn’t say she wasn’t working and expected hand outs. Have I missed something about your reading retention level? If I have, my apology. You took one piece and read it as if it was an entire person’s life down to the detail…and made a judgement like God. In fact, in my long observation, your generation is one of the most judgmental and the most dishonest about owning up to that. O, you’ll accept any sort of animal based sexual behavior without comment. But when it comes to money, looks, position, etc those ephemeral things that have nothing to do with defining character — that ability to be honest and endure not good times but bad — you are some of the most merciless and disdainful. You are going to find that you will be losing a lot of positions in your lifetime because this is not your mother’s or your grandmother’s world. So don’t think you are on the linear path to “success” whatever that is, o, I almost forgot — your own personal Stairway to heaven — money. You are not — I repeat not working any harder than Talia. Say that over and over again until the truth sinks in. I agree with a previous poster: you had better figure out that fighting with and picking on each other like some biological “natural selection” experiment is going to get you both on the losing end of things. You need to start developing some critical thinking in regards to empathy. And start sticking together and helping one another. You’re going to need it to survive what’s coming. And hopefully, that will come with age and a few more surprise knocks you weren’t expecting. I could go on about what it is that both of you are up against, but that would take a lot longer than I have time for right now. I have a business to run with some obligations to meet. But I wanted to take the time to give you a piece of wisdom you should try once you get past your anger at me, an older lady, and consider.

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