Your Author Bio Helps Sell Books

Your bio is part of your sales strategy. It should engage your reader. It should be interesting and informative. It should sell your books.

It should sell YOU.

I’ve worked with authors on hundreds of Amazon and Kindle promotions. The BIGGEST mistake I see is the absence of an author bio, or a wimpy, lifeless bit of nonsense that does nothing to sell you as an author or sell your book.

You MUST have a bio. If you are shy, reticent or don’t know what to say, hire someone to help you.

If you write FICTION … tell your own personal story. You can include information like:
 * how you came to write your first book
 * why you love the genre you are writing in
 * a short run-down of who you are
 * where you live
 * your pets, hobbies, interests
 * whether or not this is a series, or a planned series
 * awards and kudos

If you write NON-FICTION … use your bio to sell your expertise. What qualifies you to write this book, or this series. People want to be assured that you actually know something about your topic.

In addition to providing personal and professional information did you know you can also LINK TO YOUR WEBSITE? Yeah, no kidding. If you miss this opportunity you are in serious need of marketing help.

Yeah But … Yeah But …

I’m boring. If you are boring you wouldn’t have managed to write a book. Suck it up and get over it. You are in the business of publishing — marketing — selling. Pretend you are someone else and make THEM interesting.

I’m using a Pseudonym I’m not going to ask why. I’m sure you have your reasons, and some of them will actually be really good reasons. Your alter ego still needs a bio. Make it up. What you should NEVER make up is any credentials of any kind. Don’t pretend you are a Doctor if you are not one. Don’t say you are a licensed nutritionist unless you actually are one. Don’t put a PhD behind your name unless you have one. You could get your ass sued off for false misrepresentation … so just don’t go there.

How To Add Your Bio

Your BIO is added from within your Author Central account, which is linked to your Amazon Seller dashboard. If you don’t already have an Author Central account. Sign up HERE by clicking on JOIN

My advice is to write your bio before you log into your Author Central account. Spend some time crafting a really great and informative blurb. “Some” time doesn’t mean five minutes .. it means several hours of thought and consideration. The time you spent could be paid back with greatly increased book sales. Take your time, think about it. Run it past a friend or two. Get help if you need it. Hire a professional if you need it.

When your bio is ready, log into your Author Central account. Click on Profile, add your bio and add a photo.

You can do a pile of other nifty promotional stuff while in your Author Central panel, but the minimum is to add your bio and an image.


You are trying to sell your books right? If you’re serious … you really don’t want one of these. I really hate seeing the “No Image Available” panel, but if finding a photo is going to be your excuse for not doing the bio … forget about the photo and just write a nice little (or long) blurb about yourself.

Your photo is uploaded from within the author section.

Don’t use a picture of your dog unless you are one. If you are using a pseudonym, find or purchase a royalty free photo and use it … find an over the shoulder or a photo where the “subject” is in the distance.

If you are camera shy, your photo doesn’t have to be a closeup, just don’t include your wife and the kids … because then no one will know who the author actually is! Use a silhouette if you want … just ADD a photo!

Need more information? Here is a fabulous article from the Huffington Post by photographer and author Heather Hummel: 10 Tips on How to Write an Author Bio

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Originally published at on July 30, 2018.