Tooling and Dev Setup

I feel like as a developer, we are constantly bombarded with the next best thing, all the time. Sometimes it feels that way for tooling as well.

There is always something new out there, and consequently I feel like I am forever switching up my setup. However, I feel like lately I’ve been seriously enjoying what I’ve got going on, and I wanted to share.

Dev Setup

  • I use the amazing Visual Studio Code as my code editor after a long stint with Atom. I was dubious at first but quickly fell in love. Things run so damn buttery smooth and the extensions are amazing.
  • Hyper is my CLI of choice after switching from iTerm 2. I use it with Hyper Snazzy theme and Pure Prompt (both from Sindre Sorhus). The result is gorgeously colorful and minimal.
  • I use Zsh as my shell with Oh My Zsh for the framework. This allows me to do cool stuff like auto status after every git add and syntax highlighting for easier to read commands. The auto-complete features are top notch, as well.

Here’s my dotfiles repo, if you want to deep dive into my configs.


  • As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit obsessed with emojis 😉 Rocket makes it super easy to pop those suckers into every post and page.
  • I use Spectacle for easy resizing of windows. This has seriously improved my speed while developing for different screen sizes. No more dragging the window around!
  • I use Kap for all my screen recording, and Gifski if I need to convert video to GIFs.


  • My computer is a mid 2014 13" Macbook Pro.
  • I have a Dell Ultra HD 4k for my external monitor, mounted with a VIVO arm to my desk.
  • I absolute adore mechanical keyboards. The board I use when working at home is a TADA 68 (which is now called Saber 68) with Mod-H switches (heavy! 😍) and CMYW modifiers for a colorful flare. The board I use at the office is a Leopold FC750 TKL with Cherry MX Browns and Coffee cap set (because ☕ is life).

I hope the above was useful! I’m @melanieseltzer if you want to show me what stuff you’re rockin’ 💪

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