On Changing Perspectives

Reddit can be an insanely valuable source of entertainment. From a reddit comment, I learned to make certain important things into a game. That slight shift in perspective has helped me get things done faster and actually do the things I need to do.

The evidence is clear. When I pretend to play a game I like to call “how fast can I write this article at at least 80% of the quality that I’m capable of,” it makes for an efficiently written, quality article. On the other hand, when I play a game called “let’s see how nice I can be today,” I end up treating people better, becoming nicer in the process.

By doing this, I’ve become more productive, while simultaneously becoming more light-hearted, more subject to humor than soberness or seriousness. Injecting this humor into one’s life can have far-reaching consequences, such as being happier and increasingly the amount of stuff you get done to a surprising degree.

All of this points to the dictum that pretending is a good way of becoming. Unbeknownst to most, light-heartedness and good humor may be more productive and sustainable than seriousness.