Women in remote communities are being taught to by ‘maman lumieres’ to respond to signs of undernutrition in their children

A maman lumiere from Koumbagri displays nutritional food group cards for the women of the community. Photo: WFP/Mel Bailey

In Niger, more children are turning up to class while hunger levels are down thanks to WFP school feeding programmes

Elementary school children gather around Faridiatou, the school cook, before lunchtime in Tahoua, Niger. Photo: WFP/Mel Bailey

teens on campaign trucks for Senegal’s sitting president in Dakar, Senegal

Mistake #1: Not Talking to Your Customers

Staying in business plans and theory and talk just won’t get you that far
— Camille Kramer C., designer & co-founder at Baobab

Step 1: Know Your Customers

“To the women doing this, there’s no female brain and male brain, we are all persons not just gender. Career and professions don’t have gender. It’s about your ability, not your gender. So if there is something you can do, you don’t have to look at who is in there. They are a human being just like you.”
— Anne Amuzu, CEO Nandi Mobile

“Tabaski is so stressful now, the men of the home have to pay for the lamb, and the new clothes for the family, and if he has multiple wives forget about it.”
— Pape Mor Ba

Mel Bailey

Multimedia Journalist, Formerly Digital Media Specialist @VOA_News in #Dakar, @NYU Alumna mes tweets n'engage que moi https://www.linkedin.com/in/bymelhbailey/

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