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Dear Pod Save America, I’m an Aussie who only recently started listening to your pod and I’m completely enthralled with US politics. It’s such a big poo sandwich… the likes of which I’ve never seen before. And, even though I’ve spent a bit of time in the US, I don’t know much about your political landscape, but I find it so entertaining (probably because Australian politics can be a little dry, apart from when our PM made fun of your President recently, which really shocked me — not because I found it offensive, just because I’ve never ever seen Mr Turnbull make a funny). But I digress… back to your country’s poo sandwich… I feel bad about finding it entertaining, because I know it’s serious and it affects people’s lives, so I do have a serious question, I’m not sure if you answer questions on this particular forum, but — do the republicans actually care about the health bill, do they even give a rats arse??? And did they purposely write a shitty health bill, knowing it would fail because it’s too hard for them to fix health care properly, but now they can just say… “hey sorry folks, we really tried to fix it, but it didn’t fly, so we’re moving on” and then dump the whole thing in the too hard basket, so they can proceed with other stuff like taxing the poor or deporting non-white people or drowning the girl babies at birth or making Mexicans build sky high solar panels, or whatever else they choose to do. Is that the real agenda or am I way off the mark? Also, serious question number 2 … as a non-American, what media sources do you recommend for the most well-informed news coverage of US politics (apart from Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers, of course!). Cheers!

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