The Need Of Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction is the process removing that unwanted tooth or teeth from its socket in the bones. There are times when due to a single tooth, our life becomes unbearable and such times it is advisable to get rid of that pain giving tooth. Tooth Extraction is useful here.

Why Tooth Extraction?

In case of any tooth damage or decay, first of all it is to be fixed with a crown or filling or any other suitable treatment. At times, there’s too much damage to be repaired and hence this is the time when there’s no solution but to remove the tooth.

Sometimes very loose tooth or teeth is/are also to be removed in case it cannot be saved even with any surgery.

Apart from these issues, there are other reasons that need tooth extraction such as:

Extra teeth that block the ways for new teeth for coming in.
Baby teeth not falling in time thus obstructing ways for permanent teeth to come in.
While getting braces, teeth may be extracted to make the space for the teeth to be in place.
Receiving radiation in head and neck may need to remove the teeth from the area of radiation.
Those suffering from cancer can have damaged teeth as these drugs deteriorate the immune system. Hence, infected teeth must be extracted.
Infection in teeth due to organ transplant can also result in tooth extraction.
Wisdom teeth also known as third molars are extracted either before or after they arrive. These arrive during late teens or early 20’s and need to be removed in case of any decay as they cause pain and can develop cyst or infection.

Such teeth mostly get caught up in the jaws and face difficulty in coming in. This can annoy the gums resulting into pain and swelling and hence in such cases, tooth must be removed.

In case you are on treatment with any prescribed intravenous drugs known as bisophates then first of all check with your dentist before initiating the treatment as extraction must be done before starting the treatment or else this may increase the risk of jaw bone death.

How is Tooth Extraction done?

These are of two types:

Simple extraction: It is performed on the visible teeth in our mouth and is done mostly by General dentists. In such extractions, the tooth is loosened with elevator; an instrument used for dental surgeries.

Then, the tooth is removed with forceps (an instrument used to pull out teeth).

Surgical Extraction: A complex procedure which is done if a tooth is broken off at the gum line or has not arrived in the mouth yet. These are done commonly by oral surgeons as well as by general dentists.

A small cut is made in the gum and at times, it is necessary to remove the bone around the tooth or it is cut into half in order to extract it.
Once all the entire procedure is done then there’s need for Follow up where doctor will show you how to take care and also clear all your doubts and questions.

Conclusion: Tooth Extraction is a painful process however it is better to get rid of that tooth or teeth and suffer some pain instead of suffering from daily harassment. Need to get tooth extraction done from qualified dentists, get in touch with tooth extraction specialist in Melbourne where perfect advice will be given for your dental treatment.

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