A Severe Problem Few Cyclists Have

Meld Solutions
Jul 15 · 4 min read

What’s the problem?

You’re kidding. I tried riding on the saddle nose like that once and it was really uncomfortable. Who would do such a thing?

But… but… it’s more ‘pro’ to ride like this. Right? Right?

My saddle has a cutout! That solves all perineum problems, right?

All right, so what’s the consequence?

Wait, I’m a gal, this is a guy-only thing, right?

How do I check I’m sitting on the right place?

I think I’ve been riding on the nose, and may have the issue. What should I do?

But changing bike components is so troublesome!

Meld Solutions

Written by

We create comfortable, performance saddles based on your anatomy and inputs, at meld3d.com.

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