Build Polkadot Validator node and sync from block #2million with backup file.

Hello, 😃 🌈

Today just go to learn about Polkadot and build one Validator node .

For learn more about=

Actual validators in Polkadot

Install RUST and some libs before Polkadot

curl -sSf | sh
sudo apt install make clang pkg-config libssl-dev

Then, install Polkadot

cargo install --git --branch v0.2 polkadot

Now start Polkadot for create the folders.

polkadot --telemetry --name '🐞 your own name here 🐞'

If want to sync from the scratch, no need do any more from this guide., You are done. and have your node running.

👏👏 😃 👏👏

Congratulations, go to Riot chat Polkadot and claim some TestDots.

If want to sync from block 2.240.000 continue this guide.

🚨Be aware🚨

From here = At your own risk. You must be careful when downloading files from unknown sources, they may have viruses or worse.

If Polkadot start ok, STOP (CRTL +C)

Open dir for Data base

cd .local/share/Polkadot/chains/krummelanke/

Remove the actual DB

rm -r db/*

Download the data base to +2million blocks.

wget -c '' -O db.tar.gz

Note: (The first time you want to download it, it takes too long, must stop it and run the wget cmd again because my #IPFS node is more Fast than GoogleCloud.


2,31GB in 3m 30s.


tar -xzf db.tar.gz

Copy to the right folder

cp -r db/* .local/share/Polkadot/chains/krummelanke/db

Remove more useless files.

rm -rf db
rm db.tar.gz

Start Polkadot with the new data base.

polkadot --telemetry --name '🐞 your own name here 🐞'

After this, your Polkadot node last block have to be 2.243.300 or so.

Ok here?

Well done again. 👌

Now 👽

Want to be a Validatorian for Polkadot?

Step 1

Create one new account in this wallet here=

keep safe the [seed (hex or string)] for validate is necessary.

Step 2 = Claim free DOTS 💸 for testnet to your new account in Riot chat.

Step 3 = Build your node. = Its done so far.

Step 4 = After have some DOTS its time to STAKE for try to be a Validator and produced blocks and gets rewards for the job. 🎢

Start the Polkadot node but this time add the flags

polkadot --validator --key [seed (hex or string)] --telemetry --name '🐞 your own name here 🐞'

After Stake go to

Here the list of actives Validator, Next and stakes for each validator.

Meanwhile the validator is up but not active can see “This is not a valid authority” but when is validating not, see the pic.

Congratulations now you are a Prospect 😎 for be a Validator, go to Riot Chat and speak the news.

Enjoy Polkadot.

Go to Riot Chat and claim some free TestDots and play

Want to play alone?