Cosmos Docker complete guide

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Mar 18 · 8 min read

# Hello, Cosmos Hub Mainnet is here today, let's see how to recover the account from a fundraiser or create a new one.

a) Install Docker

b) Run a node without install any more, only run some commands for play

c) Recover account address

d)Delegate & Undelegate & Redelegate Atoms to Validators

e) STAKE and Be Happy.

For completethis guide only need one VPS with 2 Cores, 8 Ram, Ubuntu and Docker

Learn more about Cosmos Network

ok, let’s go, first need to install Docker.

Install Docker

Add your user to Docker Group

Log out of your ssh session and log back in

Docker Version


Now that Docker is installed, can run Cosmos-Docker from mydocker hub repo


If need unsafe reset all before start

It is a new install start here

For start, a node for the first time, run this cmd and create the folders and files.

Permission to folders creates previously

Open the folder

Remove the default genesis file

Download the Genesis File for Cosmos Mainnet

Edit config.toml, add seeds and verify moniker name is ok. Moniker name is the name than your Validators show in the explorers.

#A custom human readable name for this node
moniker = “moniker-Validator-name”

#Comma-separated list of seed nodes to connect to Cosmos-Hub

Save the file and open gaia.toml

Edit config.toml, add seeds and verify moniker name is ok. Moniker name is the name than your Validators show in the explorers.

Add this gas price

minimum-gas-prices = “0.025uatom”

Save the file and Start Cosmos

When are sure that the node is downloading blocks and its sync, feel free to close for the run in detached mode.

For close (CRL+C)

For Run in detached mode add (-d) to the docker command.

In detached mode the process is running on docker, can close the session and back later the Cosmos is working meanwhile on docker.

For stop when is running in -d mode

For run the commands to cosmos in docker just add ( — network=”host” )

Example to see the status from your node meanwhile is running

# AKA Cosmos status=

“catching_up”:true = the node is downloading and is not full sync yet. When is “False” the node is full sync the last block.
“network”:”cosmoshub-2" = The actual network to the node is connected.
“latest_block_height”:”851" The actual last block sync in this node.
“voting_power”:”0"} total amount of tokens delegates to this validator.

Create add a new key AKA create a new account

Keep safe the words for recovery the account whenever necessary. AKA (Seed phrase)

For recover your account from the Cosmos fundraiser or so with the Seed phrase just

Note the account from the fundraiser is different than the actual Cosmos address, not worry, after dump your safe words obtain a new account new format with the balanced from the fundraiser.

For see the new accounts in the localhost.

List of commands for play and learn.

For see the Docker container ID and IP

Stop gaiad to apply the new setup

Start Cosmos

Ok for now in the command line have to use the flag node

(--node http:……….)

so for used your own local node running in docker same machine

But is your node is not synced the last blocks or for any reason want to connect to another node just use this IP in the flag node

or used one IP from one node full sync

Check the Balanced in the account

The balanced is true when the node is totally synced the last block.

Delegate Stake to Validators you preferred and liked.

How to delegate stake?

Where can see the Validator list:

Cosmos Explorers

List of actives Validators via command line

This is one validator and other different is bellow

In the explorer can see the same details but more web site style.

This is my Validator = meleaTrust

Now in the process for down the commission every day 1% less until going to 0% for some time.

Consider delegate some $Atoms to my node if you wish more work like this.

Every day we try to do the best job in validation possible. And be near to the community.

Need assistance or any help feel free to DM Telegram user @melea_trader @meleatrust or sent email

Talking about ATOMS and UATOMS

1 Atom = 1,000,000.00 UATOMS

Example for delegate 1000 atoms

for Delegate 1000 ATOMS = 1000000000 UATOMS

For delegate to one validator have to check the operator address in the description for each validator.

Operator Address :cosmosvaloper1zqgheeawp7cmqk27dgyctd80rd8ryhqs6la9wc

After copy, the address for delegate cosmosvaloper….. paste in the cmd like in the next example.

You can delegate to as many Validators as you want

In the next command, I used in the flag (--node) another server that is sync the last block meanwhile my docker is sync, can send the TX to another node via like to (--node

If after sending one TX the output is

ERROR: broadcast_tx_commit: Response error: RPC error -32603 — Internal error: Timed out waiting for tx to be included in a block

This means your transaction is in the pool for becoming true. just have to wait, but if have some bad parameter like less gass, then fail, have to check later in the explorers if come true after a while. If not sent again.

For Undelegate or Unbond and get Atoms Out the validator service

Example for Unbond 1000 atoms from Validator

For a list of staking commands

Then if want to redelegate from one validator to others can ask for help like

then can see the command example and add to the docker command line.

Note: what is keyname?

keyname is the account name.


Here NAME: melea is keyname so in the command line example

Consider delegate or support my node in any way if you liked my job for CosmosHub in Validation service.

Thanks in advanced.

meleatrust Validator

Happy validating

Looking for learning how to make one backup file for Cosmos Blockchain: