IRIS Network mainnet aka Betanet is alive, a guide for build a node, add one account, be a Validator, delegate or just hold.

# Hello, IRIShub the Blockchain for IRISNET is here producing blocks now. This is about

a) Build and run a node.

b) Create an account or recover one.

c) Create a Validator or Delegate to others.

d) Play with the Rainbow wallet.

e) Be Happy.

All are tested in one VPS with 2 Cores, 8 Ram, Ubuntu 16.04

Learn more about IRIShub Network


A) Build from source (install Goland + Iris + tools)

B) Run Docker container (Install Docker)

Run Docker container (Install Docker) =


Let's go

A) Build from source

#Update setup local time and install tools

sudo apt update && apt upgrade -y
sudo apt-get install build-essential
dpkg-reconfigure locales

Update open files Ubuntu

#check your user's per-process open file limit
ulimit -Sn

​#increase username's per process limit
sudo vi /etc/security/limits.conf
#Add this for update
username soft nofile 2048

sudo reboot now

#Install go

wget -c '' -O go1.11.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz
sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.11.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz
rm -rf go1.11.5.linux-amd64.tar.gz
vi $HOME/.profile
#Add this to your path
#Safe the file and reload the profile
source $HOME/.profile
go version
#go version go1.11.5 linux/amd64

Install IrisHub

mkdir -p $HOME/go/bin
mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/
cd $GOPATH/src/
git clone
cd irishub && git checkout v0.13.1
curl | sh
make all
iris version
iriscli version

Iris has installed successfully, now setup

#Create folders and add mane at the node
iris init --home=.iris --chain-id=irishub --moniker=Node-Name-here
#Remove the test genesis.json file
cd .iris/config
rm genesis.json
#Copy some importants file
cp priv_validator.json $HOME
cp node_key.json $HOME
#Get the genesis.json for IrisHub
#Add peers or seeds you know that can trust then.
# Comma separated list of nodes to keep persistent connections to
persistent_peers = "2153d5d6d9394dc4c7959f061b67238d81154bdb@,,"
#safe the file and start iris
iris start

Looks like this meanwhile is downloading the existing Blocks and sync the last.

For see the last block sync and the status and info in this node

iriscli status


“catching_up”: false

the node is sync the last block.

Create one account for received $Iris Tokens and delegate or just hold.

iriscli keys add WRITE-ONE-NAME-HERE

  • *Important** write this seed phrase in a safe place. works to recover the account.

For recover one account unless creating a new one

iriscli keys add --recover (this-is=KEY-NAME)(WRITE-ONE-NAME-HERE)

List accounts in the local node

iriscli keys list
What is Key-name?

ok, now have the account and can delegate or create Validator if you have some $Iris Tokens.

For know, the commands can run.

iriscli -h

example for check balanced

iriscli bank -h


iriscli bank account iaa1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4mzg9am --trust-node

The output shows 4 $Iris in my account balanced.

Delegate to one validator or eleven, because

“remember not to put all your eggs in the same basket”
iriscli stake -h

can check the validators in the friend's explorers


iriscli stake delegate -h

so, for pick up, one Validator for can delegate can use the explorers or command line.

iriscli stake validators

list of validator and info

Need delegate to the Operator Address for the validators you liked it.

iriscli stake delegate --chain-id=irishub --from=key-name --fee=0.4iris --amount=1iris --address-validator=iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu

In this way just delegate 1 $Iris to the validator 8866-meleaTrust

Te 1 $Iris is under my control, I can undelegate or redelegate to other Validator at any moment. The token is under my control despite delegating it to a validator.

Sent and received $Iris tokens.

For received

iriscli keys list

Tell others to send Iris tokens here.


If need send tokens to another account. ask for the account and add to the cmd

iriscli bank send --amount 1iris --chain-id irishub --fee 0.4iris --from key-name --to account-here-for-send

ok, here is clear, create or recover one account, send & received tokens, delegate or undelegate to one Validator.

Time for

Withdrawal Rewards for delegations

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards --from KEY-NAME --fee 0.4iris --chain-id=irishub --trust-node

Withdrawal Rewards for Validators node

iriscli distribution withdraw-rewards --from KEY-NAME --fee 0.4iris --chain-id=irishub --trust-node --is-validator

Creating one Validator

iris tendermint show-validator

ask for help (-h)

iriscli stake create-validator -h

get the command example

then for creating the validator

iriscli stake create-validator --chain-id=irishub --from=<key name> --fee=0.4iris --pubkey=<tendermint-show-validator> --amount=10iris --moniker=<validator name> --commission-rate=0.1

now can see your validator in the actives slots after

iriscli stake validators

or see the voting power in status

iriscli status
# "voting_power": "101" = 101 $Iris tokens delegated to this Validator Node.

Validator list here

This others command can help for status and peers connected

curl http://localhost:26657/status
curl http://localhost:26657/net_info

Remember play the official wallet for IrisNet

NOTE: if the node not syncs, go to riot chat and ask for some persistent peers or any other question.



who I am?

Actually running 3 Validators in the IrisHub, please delegate some $IRIS to my nodes if you consider I am a good validator for the IrisHub Blockchain.

Operator Address: iva18apxn7vzwvp5m3c4ed6lrsdvxu2fqgjvaw3l6s
Description: {StakeBank-meleaTrust }
Operator Address: iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu
Description: {8866-meleaTrust }
Operator Address: iva1n2tmjd8lvwtfplxaz2y75w2ysh0qlmqjute5rl
Description: {BlockMachine-meleaTrust }

CMD for delegate to my Validators, just update the amount of $Iris want to delegate and select the validator operator address

iriscli stake delegate --chain-id=irishub --from=key-name --fee=0.4iris --amount=1000iris --address-validator=iva1hguh57kwwvv56k5kw8x3ll5kna9r3js4wnz2qu

B) Run Docker container (Install Docker) =