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Víctor | melea
Oct 12, 2019 · 5 min read

Hello, glad to write today to update the information of the Validation melea service and the Polkadot ecosystem.

→ Polkadot

Short story = June 2, 2018 →I have reached the Polkadot chat in Riot.

Today, a year later I am helping with moderation tasks and I keep asking as much or more than the first time I have arrived.

Nor was it on my Roadmap to be a Polkadot Ambassador but I received the W3F call and I thought it was great to be part of something that was already important to me.

Polkadot Ambassadors chat

It is very cool to be part of the Ambassador team, and work like an international group doing differents things buts all relates.

→ Hey! PolkaDao

We request PolkaDao Reputation

We achieve this with the third proposal, it is a thing to learn

Once the vote has passed, we get a reputation

→New proposal for the community here:

Discussion of the proposal here:

→ Polkadot Testnet


Started Validating in POC-2 and since then I continue validating in testnet, today we are in POC-4 and I also have nodes ready to Validate in Kusama.

We do not participate in the Polkadot ICO but the Polkadot team has stated that the validators who collaborate in the development of the pre-launch network will be able to obtain DOTS before launch to support the launch of the Polkadot network. We have the ability to complete tasks and earn DOTS to be in Genesis, and seek community support to keep our nodes operational.

→ Kusama

A day like any other without warning I received an invitation to be a Validator of a network that would be called KUSAMA (to my joy, it was not any invitation as it usually happens) was a good network and would be based on Polkadot software and that instead of a badly-intentioned fork, rather it was a friendly development by the same team of Polkadot developers.

We show our interest in validating and being able to help in whatever is within our reach.

The opportunity came to apply for a scholarship and we did it.

→ Grant petition accepted.

We are very grateful for the opportunity and plan to give our best effort.

→ Today Kusama KSM

Our nodes are prepared for validation


→ Translating into Spanish

To conclude with the summary of Kusama, the entire website was translated into Spanish the merit is ours with “Lalo Garza” another Polkadot Ambassador who speaks Spanish too. A hug → lalo.

The last news about Kusama is mainnet launch is more soon than later.

→ Polkadot → Kusama → Learning curve

We are learning in Parity Substrate and currently running our own testnet based on Substrate 2.0 and which you can see is working here.

NTesla3 +480k Blocks
Sending→ mele :)
Playing with the UI and the subs soft ;)

Our learning curve is in full parable now.


Edgeware can be a Parachain for the Polkadot ecosystem and that is why we are supporting and hope to participate in the launch since the genesis.


Edgeware: → Relaunch Plan

Validator & Councillor Campaign: melea ◮👁◭ → Campaña aquí

Nodos aquí

EDG last news aquí!/edgeware/proposal/discussion/97


We plan to validate and are interested in the following projects within the ecosystem:

  • Joystream
  • Akropolis
  • Dothereum
  • melea→ public testnet

We are currently meeting interviewing, chatting with / for: a team for the own testnet and another team that will carry the validation service.


Something may be missing from this summary or we may be leaving it for the next update bulletin.

Anyway, thank you for reading and supporting our startup.

Our vision


Special thanks to Hutch from W3F, always helping!

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