Víctor = meleatrust intention for becoming an Ambassador for Polkadot network. = Done

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Jun 14 · 4 min read
AkA Víctor

Updating this post, meanwhile today I'm part of Polkadot Ambassador team since Jun 2019, cheers! Thanks for the trust.

Víctor from meleatrust make public his intentions for becoming an Ambassador for Polkadot network.

Here the official announcement :

What a better start than show my first proposal to “The Dao Hub?

Well, here we go…

Note that today I can see my English level improve with time.

Back to present time….

Hello, my name is Victor, I’m living in Barcelona, ​​I’m not a developer but my intention is to hire some or partner, to develop applications that are now just ideas. In short, I and my company are in full growth without any private funding and we are totally independent. My specialties and experiences are in hardware, electricity, servers, web, telecommunications, I am self-taught and I have been looking Bitcoin for more than 10 years, can buy then but looking anyway, I participated in The Dao and I was the first to test and execute the refound contract of Lederwatch in order to have the ETH back, meanwhile little by little after mining on a small scale, monero, zcash, europecoin, others, learning, I dedicate myself to be validator of Peerplays, it is a decentralized blockchain and I have been validating for more than two years and active today, then I participated in the cosmos and iris testnets and now I find myself validating in both projects, I am participating in the Solana testnet, received invitation and can't say any bc I liked, and in conversations I am invited to participate in the sentinel mainnet when it is official. Anyway.

My idea is not to be able to validate or produce blocks in all the projects I can, on the contrary today I have refused to participate in some that have invited me, for wanting to dedicate myself to the launch of Polkadot and once it happens I can see how I can develop my skills in Polkadot and see if I can assemble a team to build applications on Polkadot Substrate, I believe in decentralization and I think everyone should have the same opportunities, that’s why I write manuals and tutorials to attract people with talent or curiosity to this world of the crypto, I consider myself a person of confidence, a few days ago was discovered a vulnerability in the code of Cosmos and Iris had to make a secret group of telegram coordinate the software change and for my part at no time comment anything out of this circle to avoid false rumors or exploits of the error.

I am used to working under pressure, I am a good speaker, my experience is broad and I have much to give. Also, want to collaborate in translate to Spanish important material and drop some ideas to the team for can make grow Polkadot / Substrate community in Spain.

As a user of Parity and Ethereum, I admire Gav, but especially since I learned and saw how it worked Ether in parity and how different it was to Parity to Ethereum as it organized the blocks regardless of the order in which they arrived, the size of the blockchain that was smaller, parity was not hanging, we went to be a parity admirer I could not lose for anything Polkadot world but I not participate in the ICO for not being able at that time. But I also follow Gav and the whole project.

To summarize, what is my intention in Polkadot, I would like to be a validator and an ambassador would be an honor the truth, I would be willing to evolve to be one of the best, I live in Barcelona since 2005 and I know the city very well if that could be of help, here I am, I for my part very well the potential that has Catalunya and Spain to develop technology business here, so as not to extend more I invite you to ask me anything and see my website where we talk a bit about my validators and little else. https://meleatrust.com/
An honor to live this Polkadot moment and even more to be here.
Thanks for the invitation.
note: English is not my first language, it is Spanish. ;)

More about my work and what I can do for Polkadot is going to be posted soon.

Thanks for the support and collaboration.



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