What is the Council in the Kusama network and how to vote for Councillors.

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Nov 10 · 5 min read

Hello Blockchain people.


In this article we will learn what the figure of the Council represents within the Kusama network and how you can vote for the Councils of your choice.


To represent passive stakeholders, we introduce the idea of a “council”. The council is an on-chain entity comprising a number of actors each represented as an on-chain account. For Polkadot this number is likely to begin at around six people, and increase over the course of 9 months to 24 people (roughly one extra individual coming on every two weeks). In general it has a fixed number of seats (envisioned to be 24 for Polkadot) and all members have a fixed term (12 months).

The council is called upon primarily for two tasks of governance: proposing sensible referenda, and cancelling uncontroversially dangerous or malicious referenda.

For a referendum to be proposed by the council, a strict majority of members must be in favor, with no member exercising a veto. Vetoes may be exercised only once by a member for any single proposal; if, after a cool-down period, the proposal is resubmitted, they may not veto it a second time. In the case that all members vote in favor, the vote is considered unanimous and is treated as uncontroversial.

For a referendum to be cancelled, there must be a unanimous vote to do so. Since unanimity is a high requirement, it is expected that this measure will only be used when it is an entirely uncontroversial move. This may function as a last-resort if there is an issue found late in the day with a referendum’s proposal such as a bug in the code of the runtime that the proposal would institute.

If the cancellation is controversial enough that there is at least one dissenter, then it will be left to the stakeholders en masse to determine the fate of the proposal.

How to be a council member?


How to vote for a Council member?

Your vote for the Council matters!

You can vote up to 16 candidates for Council, but there are only 13 seats. When you vote the Council have to indicate how many Tokens in this case KSM must leave reserved for the vote, the minimum amount is 0.05 KSM, from this amount you can vote, the tokens once the vote is taken, will be in reserve balanced but immediately available when you withdraw your vote and without waiting period, vote → reserve, remove the vote → tokens unlock / released immediately.

Go to the Polkadot Apps Dashboard the “Council” tab

The Council list can help you to know better the candidate.


Check who and amounts voted in each actual member for the Council

melea counts with 14 votes and this votes represent more 550.000 KSM

After checking and being sure who your vote will be for

Click Vote
select the candidates you want = MAX 16

Remember add Vote Value +0.05 KSM

Value 0= is null vote. no counts.

Aye = This candidate is ok, and have my vote to ocupied one seat like Councillor in the Kusama network.

Nay= This candidate does not interest me

Click Submit
Unlock and Sign and Submit
Wait the TX go out
Tx confirmed send to the network.
Feel good because you voted and this is how decentralization feels.

Why would melea be a good candidate to take a Council seat?

The short story is that I can tell you that I have been validating in Polkadot’s testnets for some time and that I am following the Parity team from THE Dao, learning and helping others whenever I can.

melea Kusama Nodes.

I am quite present in all the active social media of Cryptocurrency and Polkadot / Kusama, and if I am honest, I have been following them and for that reason the community have also seen me grow up, from being a validator that some people call independent or small to have web site, logo, to register a company, + to be looking for people to hire and that we are currently looking on one future developing substrate-based applications to connect as Parachain or Parathread, we are not really sure so far, but the future next to Gav and his whole Substrate team looks promising and exciting.


I am 40 years old, today, I have a stable life, I do not use chemical drugs, I am vegan, I try to exercise every day, I have adequate hygiene, and I am not a person who wants to enrich at the expense of others or take advantage of be in a position to favor friends or family.

I am a close person and with whom you can debate and have a conversation of any kind, I have an open mind and in addition to self-taught I made myself, leave the house of my parents with 21 years and do not return under his roof, and I’ve been independent since then. All the result of these experiences, I will dump them in the community to make the best decisions for the Kusama network.

For me this is not a game, and it represents an important part of my life.

If you have something and do not know how to use it, it is not yours.

For taking your time to inform and vote.


Víctor | melea

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