Partners who have invested in CRODO.IO

Any promising project at an early stage of development has partners-investors. The CRODO.IO project is no exception. All partners who have invested in CRODO.IO are listed below:
Kaizen Finance
Kaizen Finance is the first cross-chain token lifecycle management platform where projects and DAOs can securely generate, issue and manage their token offerings. In other words, Kaizen Finance makes cryptocurrencies safer and easier for everyone.
CRODEX is working hard to be the best trading platform in Cronos. Their extensive roadmap is a testament to the compromise to provide both Cronos traders and developers with state-of-the-art decentralized exchanges; with exclusive, standards-compliant trading tools, verified and well-documented routers and factories, low fees, and more.
Dust Ventures
Dust Ventures is a venture fund that invests in cryptocurrency startups and promising projects. Provide early support and expertise.
Gaur Money
Gaur.Money is the first algorithmic token pegged to $ETH on the Cronos network. Gaur.Money was inspired by Tomb Finance, a popular FTM project whose token is pegged to FTM.
The $GAUR algorithmic token serves as the backbone of a rapidly growing ecosystem focused on providing liquidity and new use cases for the Cronos network.
The mechanism behind the protocol dynamically adjusts the supply of $GAUR, raising or lowering its price relative to the price of $ETH.
Inspired by the original idea of ​​Tomb Finance as well as its predecessors (Basis, bDollar and Soup), Gaur.Money is a multi-token protocol that consists of the following three tokens:
- Gaur ($GAUR)
- Shares of Gaur ($GSHARE)
- Gaur Bonds ($GBOND)
BiShares is a multi-chain project offering decentralized exchange-traded funds (dETFs) for secure crypto diversification.
After analyzing all these investors, projects that supported Crodo, we can conclude that each of them is very sensitive to the choice of a project for investment. This lets us know that Crodo deserves everyone’s attention.
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