Good enough documentation with SparrowCI

2 min readDec 28, 2022


Often Raku modules authors would start a documentation with something like this:

use MyCoolStuff;

# this module exposes a function named `func`
# and this function does so and so

my $a = func("a","b","c");

Minimal module documentation usually has a code example of how to use a module and run some basic stuff … The problem is however that sometimes this code example is erroneous, outdated or just does not work … Well, good-doc plugin deals with it!

Good enough documentation

I’ve recently added an experimental plugin to address valid documentation examples issue, it does exactly what is supposed to:

  • Parse module’s file
  • Extract the very first code snippet (Raku code)
  • And, finally execute it

Any case any errors occur during the last step, a warning message is printed out and an entire build is marked as having some warnings:

Pipeline example

Following is an example of how to use the good-doc plugin within a SparrowCI pipeline:

name: test
default: true
language: Bash
code: |
cd source/
zef install . --/test
zef test .
name: good-doc
name: good-doc
plugin: good-doc
path: source/


As usually I’d like to hear comments if such an experimental feature will be useful for users?

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Thanks !




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