A Behind the Scenes on my Social Media

The Selfie

This is my latest selfie on Instagram. Taken before my friends birthday celebration, my main goal after doing my makeup was to take a really good selfie. As dumb as that sounds, the pressure of society to look a certain way and dress up a certain way, influence wether it be subconsciously or consciously to post certain pictures versus others. Furthermore, I posted this selfie in hopes of getting over 100 likes. Our current society has put such heavy weight on likes as a reassurance of our beauty. I’m almost certain that if this selfie didn’t get over 100 likes I would have deleted it, even though I think I look beautiful and I love how my makeup looks. There mere fact that I, as well as a lot of my friends, rely on likes to feel beautiful and confident summarizes how are community is influenced by the opinions of others. When editing this picture, I added a white boarder in order to make the image perfectly fit with the Instagram size and go with my Instagram theme, since most of my pictures have a white border around them. Furthermore, I added a filter which made me looking a bit tanner and my makeup look darker and more grunge looking. By posting this selfie, I had hopes of being perceived as confident and stylish, when in fact I’m self conscious. Like Syme says: “Nothing destabilizes power more than an individual that knows his or her own worth, and the campaign against selfies is ultimately a crusade against widespread self-esteem. What selfie-haters fear, deep down, is a growing army of faces they cannot monitor, an army who does not need their approval to march ahead.” This represents again, the influence social media has on certain individuals that are constantly active on social media platforms. In the context of what we learned in class, I feel like posting selfies like the one above, which are edited to have a perfect tone and aura, are edited to avoid the emotional labor that comes with posted an unedited selfie. For example, posting an unedited selfie may cause stress because of unwanted comments and offensive comments especially to people with low self esteem.

The Typical Festival Pic

Taken at the beginning of Junior year, this picture was posted in order to show everyone “how much I was having”. I feel as if a lot of people in out society, including myself, feel the need to show others constantly what we are doing and are in competition with others as to who has the most fun. Also, I feel as if we are more concerned of capturing the perfect picture to post instead of actually enjoying the moment and taking advantage of our surroundings. When taking this picture, Stephanie and I made sure that we included the background and all the people in it as well to make sure that we look as if we where having a blast (we had actually just gotten to Made in America and had no idea where we where going). Images as such may cause FOMO to other people when in all reality, the picture was staged. I edited this picture by adding a filter that brings the weather out and makes it seem a perfect day to be out in a festival. The filter adds a whole different mood and aura to the image. The purpose of me posting this picture is to inform all my friends (and followers) that I was at Made in America having a blast. In hindsight, I feel as if I should have enjoyed the moment instead of worrying on getting the perfect festival Instagram pic.

The “Look I have a puppy” Pic

Hey look! I have a new puppy! This is Lola’s first appearance on my Instagram. This was actually one of my first pictures to reach over 100 likes, and I owe it all to the puppy. Usually on social media, I’ve seen that pictures including an animal (a puppy in most cases) or a beach get the most Instagram likes. When I edited this picture, I made sure the picture focused more on Lola and less on my face. By doing so, people would focus more on the fact that I had gotten a new dog and less on my makeup free face. When posting it, I was in a sense bragging that I had gotten this cute little puppy as a present from my then boyfriend. It took so much work and effort to take the perfect picture and make sure Lola wasn’t moving. All the “frustration” and effort trying to stay sill so Lola wouldn’t move, all this, for a picture people are gonna see for 2 seconds as they scroll through their feed.

The “I’m so adventurous” Pic

When on vacation, there’s a certain subconscious pressure to make sure you get really good Instagram posts, and make sure they are edited in a way to make everything look better than it really is. Going back to my post about Made in America, when on vacation, there is a similarity. Both instances are focused on getting a great image to post instead of basking in the moment. I remember the firs thing I told my roommate the day we went on this trip is that I knew the perfect place to great a great Instagram post, when in reality I should have been talking about how excited I was to be going home. This also falls into the category of FOMO, while I was home (Puerto Rico) for Fall Break and everyone was in the chilly weather, posting a Instagram picture while in paradise may make other people feel jealous. As I am sitting here writing this I’ve realized that a lot about Instagram is a competition, making sure you pick the right time and day to post a picture, not only to get more likes, but for people to see what your doing and in a sense want to do what your doing. When I posted this picture, I wanted my friends from school to see how going home for the weekend was like and for them to see how beautiful my home is. Editing this picture, surprisingly, took a longer time than usual. I had to make sure to brighten up the landscape to make it seem more beautiful than the picture did it justice. Also, I had to make sure I had the perfect and simple caption that didn’t take away from the dramatic aspect of the picture. I wanted people to focus more on the picture and less on the caption, because God forbid you go caption-less.

The Throwback

The good old throwback picture. I posted this picture with obvious intentions, to have a really cute baby picture on everyones news feed on Throwback Thursday. This is a representation of how we feel obligated to participate in common activities everyone partakes in online. Such activities, or themed days, include Man Crush Monday, Woman Crush Wednesday, and Selfie Sunday. Post like these may be identified as forms of Digital Civic Engagement, because a community is acting as one, participating in posting similar post on specific days. In my opinion, Throwback Thursday has two purposes: to post a picture you’ve been wanting to post ever since you took it but couldn’t because you had posted one that night already, or to post a picture like the one above, purely for the satisfaction of likes. When I posted this picture, I had the intentions of making everyone who saw it smile and make there day better. This picture makes me so happy. This is one of the few pictures I posted because I genuinely liked at and I honestly did not care how many likes I got on it. This Instagram post is a representation of what I think social media was created to be, a representation of images that make you happy and want to share that with others. Furthermore, I did not do any editing to this picture apart from adding a white border so the image would fit on Instagram. All in all, I kept this post simple and sweet.

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