Tesla: The Improvisation Debt
Jean-Louis Gassée

Musk is a publicity hound. He’s lucked out several times. NASA was willing to give SpaceX a multi year, multi billion contract well before the viability of his technology was obvious. If not for that, SpaceX would have failed, in his own words.

Now, we have the dubious merger of another of his companies that isn’t doing well, SolarCity. This is a company that has been on the verge of failing. Now, Tesla will need even more money, just to keep it alive.

With these distractions, how does one keep focused? Where does the money come from? How long does it take to build, basically from scratch, an automobile manufacturing plant for hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year? What are the costs for that? Does he have the money, or is Tesla going to need a couple of billion more than they have?

A lot of questions abound. It’s very possible that at some point, his enthusiasm will be bounded by reality.

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