Seriously, stop packing so much
James Turner

Question for you, do you keep a box at a parent/sibling or relatives home? I have noticed amongst the minimalist blogger/vlogger posts I follow that they seem to keep a box somewhere in the world with, keepsakes? Not the best turn of phrase, but with items you would not travel with, but things you would not be rid of. For example, high school diploma, college diploma, graduation cap tassels, autographed copy of book, postcards, maybe some camping supplies whatever else etc. I have found that one bag living is completely viable except for that one small box of things. Of course there is no set rule on someone’s definition of one bag living, but for example I follow discern my life and digital nomad and found that maybe I was just the odd duck until they did a video of Sara’s box of stuff at her parents house, same thing with another couple that had a tote of art and poetry notebooks in their parents basement. Long story short (too late) I was wondering how you stored and/or don’t store those last few tricky items. And if you digitalized them (which of course the postcards could be scanned) than how did you preserve them. Thanks! love your posts btw!

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