we are but shadows made of dust

It’s funny how some dusts are more important than other ‘dusts’

all the dust members move to a “vip”the 3 letter words changes everything the respect acquired and how many dusts wished they would refer the 3letter word dust as their friends simply because some ground little particlesare worth than others

well life is vague,as complex as it is

it should be simple,it really should be a little simpler

at least for the dusts paticles

for little cmponents of particles

the standardization would harmonize the situation

but instead on this vast beach

we got the reserved spots for apparent”genuinely more important”

we got one mender but trillions of beliefs of who with a better mender

yet us.all of us made from the same cells

each with their own rare color


i wish this beach to be eternally glowing with the sunshine

with the morning birds

with the sky blooming blue

with the clouds gaze

with the sparkling rain

and the raw rainbow

and the clooning bitersweetness


so be that


and gorgeous

and happy

make sure you LOVE


and your neighbourly dusts

a little harder than you love

your tiny self