Can a webshop be user friendly?

I am certain that many of you have heard about conventional analytical methods used in connection with website optimization. In this case study we won’t be implementing them (however many people still only use those), but instead we will be using real magic. Join us and learn something new.

This case study will focus on Electronix express and its webshop.

First impression on the homepage

Being a webshop, its homepage doesn’t have a trending fullscreen photo with a single CTA above the fold (like many websites do nowadays); but a typical webshop structure perfectly reflecting the industry.

The dominant color of the page is blue with its different tones, combined with white.
However the Register button on the top has green color and it stands out from the ‘blueness’, but not too flagrantly. I must admit that I like the solution.

As for the categories: clicking on different subcategories won’t navigate us to a new subpage, which in fact is a clever solution because sometimes people don’t exactly know which category does their product belong to. In this scenario, having to navigate back to the main page can be pretty stressful for users (especially if they’re in a hurry).

The last point to be highlighted is that the featured products’ boxes are not of the same size. Having a fixed size for the boxes might be able to make the homepage more consistent.

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