How to develop sports betting app like Bet365?

Melissa B Hayes
Jan 18 · 2 min read
sports betting app like Bet365
sports betting app like Bet365

Developing a sports betting app like Bet365 is a great decision! It is one of the leading sports betting apps out there. Having generated a whopping revenue of £270 crores, a lot of entrepreneurs and existing sports betting app owners have taken a keen interest in knowing what makes Bet365, the betting giant that it is today.

There is a massive surge in the number of sports betting apps that are being released on app stores. Some succeed to gain decent user communities, while others quickly stagnate. Since the competition for these apps is high, it is imperative to develop a quality app that stands out from its rivals. Creating a sports betting app like Bet365 is the way to go.

Certain essential features contribute to the uniqueness and success of an app like Bet365. They’re separately designed for users and admins. They are

User Panel

The user panel consists of features that enable a user to perform functions to customize, play and conduct transactions. They are

  • Sign in / Sign up
  • Betting Information
  • Different Sports for Betting
  • Live Scores
  • Notifications
  • Match Schedules
  • Betting Patterns
  • Betting Types
  • In-App Communication

Admin Panel

The admin panel consists of features that allows admins to perform administrative functions to regulate, add and remove users, user activities and app content. They are

  • Sign in / Sign up
  • App Activity Dashboard
  • User Management Dashboard
  • Monetization
  • Bookmaker Management
  • Content Management
  • Customer Support

In addition to all of the above essential features, an app like Bet365, well reputed for its success employs stringent security protocols to safeguard its massive user base. Therefore, in order to create an app like Bet365, the security aspect of the app must be given special attention in order to safeguard confidential information and prevent glitches and hacks.

Creating a sports betting app like Bet365 can cost anywhere around $30,000 to $35,000. A great sports app development company that I would recommend to get your world-class betting app running in no time is Inoru. Good luck!

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