It’s okay to love yourself too much.

It’s okay to take the biggest slice of pizza.

It’s okay to treat yourself a fancy dinner once in a while.

It’s okay to wrap yourself with a dress from brand whose name you can hardly pronounce.

It’s okay to decorate your face with any colors, or even all colors.

It’s okay to travel and get lost in new places alone.

It’s okay to avoid talking about your future plans with anyone.

It’s okay to choose not to befriend your exes, or your lover’s exes.

It’s okay to talk to yourself in a public place.

It’s okay to like two, three, or even four people at the same time.

It’s okay to cry anywhere and anytime you feel like crying.

It’s okay to pretend you’re deaf sometimes.

It’s okay to defend your own ideas.

It’s okay to get back from work on time.

It’s okay to ignore other people’s expectations of you.

It’s okay to listen to songs without earphones.

It’s okay to not thinking anything and just stare at the stars.

If it can actually make you feel alright in the world where all goes wrong,

then it’s okay to be selfish.

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