I made a commitment with myself to pour anything that bothers my mind into writings. It’s so hard, not the writing part but the commitment one. I’ve always feared commitment, that’s one of many of things that’s been bothering me.

Second hardest part is choosing which writing platform will be suitable for me. So I asked people on Twitter and they recommended me a lot of writing platforms, some that I know, some I have never heard before. One of them recommended me ‘Medium’.

Medium is not new to me, I created an account on Medium in 2014. But I rarely used it back then since this platform was unfamiliar in my country. I felt like I didn’t have audiences here — people who will read my writings.

But two years later, decision, just like priority, changed. I decided to put another life into my old Medium, for exactly opposite reason: There are no audiences here on Medium.

My priority is no longer appreciation, my priority is now expression. I write to quench my thirst of expressing my feelings, I write so that I can sleep better at nights. Here, I write for myself.

So, why do you write here on Medium?

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