This time too, I ended up pulling more toilet paper than what I actually needed.

My head has already measured the right amount of paper but my heart just wanted to make sure that I’d be having enough paper to wipe my dirty parts. So I kept pulling.

This, somehow, feels pretty familiar.
Just like when I checked my phone and you still haven't replied my texts. Because, maybe, I pulled more conversation than what we actually needed, and wanted.

Yes, this is exactly like my problem with toilet paper. My head realizes that I have no more issues to engage you in a conversation with, but my heart demands to converse longer, and deeper for the same reason why I pulled more toilet paper: To feel safe.

Safe enough to know that I'm still interesting,
safe enough to know that there is a possibility of you attracted to me.

"Damn, my heart.
You can't just be talkative AND insecure."

I whispered to myself as I tossed the rest of my toilet paper straight into trash bin.

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