To Be the Prettiest

While I was chilling, I checked on the Search tab on my Instagram.

Most of the pictures were artworks and selfies. Maybe because I do follow social media artists and make up enthusiasts.

As I scrolled down, my eyes were pleased by pictures of so many pretty women.

A woman whose eyebrows were on fleek. They were so well designed, it made my eyebrows looked like something that an intern did.

A woman whose outfit was on point so she posed near the window curtain and natural lighting enhanced her body shape. If I posed there, you’d see a silhouette of a ball of flesh.

A woman whose eyeliners were sharper than a knife. While their eyeliner looked so magical, my eyeliner was like a cheap magic trick that none was interested in.

A woman whose face is fairer than porcelain. I did not know what kind of skin treatment they did to their face, but it must costed a month of my salary.

The more I scrolled down, the more I compared them to me.

I was imagining if I were them. If only I had their eyes, their body, if only I had what it took to be a social media darling.

Then I scrolled down my own feed. I saw a bunch of photos of my selfies, my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my artworks.

And it made me think…

Hey, isn’t it enough to be me?

Isn’t it enough to have these eyes which can see the smiles in my friends’ face when I make them laugh?

Isn’t it enough to have these ears which can hear my boyfriend whispering words of love whenever we cuddle and watch Korean drama together?

Isn’t it enough to have this skin? It may not be the fairest skin, but if I can pat my sisters’ heads with this skin, I guess this is enough.

Isn’t everything given to me now enough to make me happy?

Slightly, I heard a sound of motorcycle stopped in front of my house.

My boyfriend was here to pick me up on a date.

So I closed the Instagram, took a small glance of myself in the mirror, and told myself,

“You don’t have to be the prettiest,

you just need to be the happiest.”

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