Travel & Hospitality is my job!

Since I was a little kid always wanted to travel, but had a wrong concept, because, got amazed with the TV work of those graphic reporters from Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

Never bother to to know, which profession they did, to do what they do nor was interested on being a reporter or photographer which I still admire.

As soon as I were presented, the university options and got graduated from high school universities were opening a new career. “Tourism and Hospitality.” in the whole country was and still is one of the boom careers and the second industry to to bring income to the country.

I wanted to go to a private university that offered management specialization, but was almost impossible to afford it, so meanwhile, I was able to get a job, enrolled in a public one, that offered almost the same career, but with the difference that was on teaching specialization.

Had to admit, I liked it, but in my mind, to change to that university was always, then the job pursue lasted around of 3 years and a half, on this career (Teacher one) only needed 2 classes and 2 practices more to get graduated, but it would took around of 1 years and a half more to finish it completely. Then the process to look for a job in the education field, would've drive me to a very dark state of corruption and low self-esteem path, basically cause of bureaucracy and influence traffic that use or still dominate the institutions that allow you to get a placement (s) into public school (s).

Taking into count the last, and with a job already in my hands, decided to change to that dreamed university . My job inside the tourism & hospitality, wasn't a high pay one, but did allow me to take a considerable amount of classes as well to do equivalencies and proficiency exams. All this, was highly valuable because in that time there weren’t part times jobs and had amazing supervisors that till today are there for me.

With a lot of effort, running from side to side to be always on time and having a day equivalent to 18 hours of sun, did finish it in 2 years and 3 months.

Due to my job, I learned, what the career was all about and contrary to the general belief, is not always enjoyable,neither easy,in fact, treating with people, is the most difficult thing.

Because sometimes you act as a relative, best friend, couple (not leaving professional position) and mostly psychologist.

As a tourism and hospitality professional, you have to understand that your time and life will be the guest and company time.
That you aren't there to have fun but to plan the fun and joy for others
That you always have to smile and greet truthfully to everyone
That your personal / home problems do stay at home
That tourism does not always mean travel and if you travel you are doing so for work purposes
That after a time of being part of the industry, you become picky and you can’t stop working even when your truly intentions are to rest. (You do not believe me? Well visit a restaurant and try to ignore the weakness on the attention,the dirtiness, the times and a lot of details that only us know and how you try to fix it)

That, is what I told, to some university interns that were complaining about not having fun or being unable to enjoy anywhere. Also, did so with newly pupils, inside the technical tourism and hospitality preparation school, before beginning anything.

Notwithstanding. It is the best job in the world, because does allow you to see a world from the eyes of others even though is always expected to see it by yourself. It allows you to get your dreams come true…if you are more than willing to serve others, become brilliantly creative, having sometimes or mostly a continue routine, lack of time and be always exhausted to join friend’s parties, but willing to sleep soundly while having a satisfaction smile and painful feet as prize.