A Little Shout-out To My Peeps And The Catfish Lady

This album would be nothing without the love and support of my family, friends and bandmates. * To my husband, Angelo: you are my rock, my support, my pumpernickel, my best friend. I would be nothing without you. * To the catering lady: your catfish that you served on the first day was divine and I want it all day every day. * To my children, Guar and Rummy: you inspire me to be a better mom each day. My undying love for you grows with each passing moment. * To the catering lady: Why did you only serve catfish once? I waited in the long catering line, only filling up my plate with white rice because I assumed I would be served catfish with it, then being told once I got to the end of the line that you weren’t going to serve catfish anymore. * To my parents: you brought me into this world and taught me everything you know about life, love and music. I am forever your little poo-poo head. * To the catering lady: I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I need your catfish. What does a person have to do around here to get some catfish?! * To my producers, Ron and Janice: You both are angels sent from heaven. Working with you has been an honor. * To the catering lady: My therapist has been telling me that I maybe got us off on the wrong foot. Let’s talk about something we both enjoy. I’ll start. Did you know that catfish is naturally low in sodium? * To my band: You know me better than I know myself. Let’s make music together, forever. * And finally, to the catering lady: Fine, I get it. But just to let you know, I’ve told Rolling Stone that skillet grilled catfish is totally happening on the next record.

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