About Us: Hater Dating App

Growing up, we thought we were the only ones who kept thinking, “Just about everything really rubs me the wrong the way.” At first, we blamed this on the fact that we grew up in Fort Lauderdale, FL, where it’s perpetually blindingly sunny and full of obnoxious, drunken co-eds. By age 4, we’d had enough. We made the decision right then and there in Ms. Valdez’s preschool class (who was also perpetually sunny and drunk) to move far away from superficial people who only see the world as half full.

That’s how we ended up in Libertyville, IL in 2002. And it was here in flat, ho-hum Libertyville that we finally found an entire town full of people like us. People who can’t stand it when dog walkers never clean up after their dogs, instead placing pine cones on top of the poop heap. People who roll their eyes at hipster parents who name their children typical WASP surnames (I’m looking at you, Jackson Korkova, Harrison Puentes and Tottinghamfordshire Barnes). People who write angry letters to the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce telling them how much better off they’re doing now that Fort Lauderdale is no longer holding them back. We realized that we could make lasting, real connections with others based on our mutual dislike for the growing number of people and events going on in our daily lives.

That’s when we decided to quit our day job as a State Farm Insurance Agent and plunge into the world of phone apps to make the dating app of our dreams — Hater. Hater is here to help you find real companionship based on the fact that life is hard and it’s better to be upfront about our issues than to pretend like our lives are perfect. Also, since sterilizing stupid people would trample all over lots of human rights, we figured it’d be easier to bring intelligent, complainy people together through the magic of a phone app.

This “About Us” is fake. Hater is real, so check it out. You can also browse their blog here.