I Tried To Sous Vide A Turkey: Something The Internet Convinced Me To Try

Mel Rainsberger
6 min readNov 26, 2021

TL;DR — this works, it’s tasty, and it’s worth it if you’ve got the time and counter space. Be patient.

I used two recipes and combined them, but even with two well done recipes, there were some gaps and I’ll cover them in the step by step breakdown of what I did and which recipe it came from. We’re going to talk specifically about the turkey’s breasts. I roasted the legs and thighs in the oven and this is a traditional method that works so I’m not going to go into too much detail.

This recipe assumes you have a sous vide machine, vacuum sealer/bags, and a meat thermometer.



Turned on a Thanksgiving ep of Bob’s Burgers (the Teddy hoarding one) and sharpened my three knives. I had a large chefs knife, a slicer (so the internet says), and a paring knife. Think large, medium, and small.


  • 2–3 good knives
  • A sharpening stone


Break down and brining. The video I found on breaking down was super helpful and shows how each of the three knives are used. Overall it took me an…