My experience wreaking havoc on the evils of my world.

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Forgive me. I’m not in my normal state of mind. For the past eight-months, I was hounded. Harassed. Mocked and made miserable. Mind you, it had absolutely nothing to do with me. It wasn’t personal. This person, these people, because, here’s the kicker, I don’t know who to blame. I have narrowed it down to two or three central players. But these people, they don’t know me. We’ve never met. I’ve never even laid eyes on them. Nor have they me. I just had something they wanted. …

The six things I learned from the year of the pandemic.

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I’m not superstitious. I don’t worry about Friday the 13th or if a black cat crosses my path. In fact, I like black cats. Still, I suspect I wasn’t alone when I awoke on New Year’s Day and cautiously opened one eye to determine if 2021 had actually arrived and if we were all still alive. I’m happy to report that everyone in my household survived 2020, and it appears, after a quick thumbing through the news, the world is still standing.

Needless to say, I released a small sigh of relief. 2020 was a tough year for me, as…

What I learned about baking my own bread.

When our world falls apart, we bake bread.

At least that was what I did when my world slowed down because of Covid-19 in the middle of March 2020. One day, I came home from my job to learn I wouldn’t be returning. The next day, my children followed suit. Thankfully, my husband continued to work. Though, in his case, when the plane flights were cancelled, he went from busy to busier as the slowdown added in two additional days of traveling to his schedule. Where he once was gone four to five days at a time, now he was looking closer to ten days and even two…

And steps I use to combat it.

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Recently I was asked, “What prevents you from writing?” It took me a moment or two as I ran through my list of reasons. Husband? No, he’s always been supportive of my writing. Kids? No, not them either. My busy schedule? Yes, I’m busy but really I’m not that busy.

After some thought and self-examination, I concluded; My biggest issue in me not writing is (drumroll) ME. I am my worst enemy; I am plagued with self-doubt and incredibly hard on myself. I am distracted. …

The steps I took to re-enter life after quarantine.

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After more than two months of being confined to my home except for brief visits to the store and other essential business, namely the vet’s office for me, my state hit Stage Two of our reopening. Meaning hair salons reopened and restaurants seated customers indoors. It also meant my local gym opened its doors and the one major hole in my life was about to be filled.

To be honest here, Stage Two of reopening left me with mixed emotions. After 61-days of keeping to myself. Working out at home and hiking the woods with just my family, I have…

Taking my writing to the next level.

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I’ve been sideways. In both my personal and professional writing. Covid-19. Quarantine. Coronavirus. Safe social distancing. George Floyd. Good cops. Bad cops. Protests and Riots. Home school. Pass. Fail. Zoom calls. Even when you live in a rural area, where you haven’t had a single confirmed case of the Coronavirus and no deaths inflicted by police, no rioting in the community, it still takes its toll on you.

It kind of immobilizes you. Or at least it does me.

The Buck Starts Here

Wait, that isn’t how the saying goes. I know, but you get the general idea. …

Slowing down our lives has centered me.

“It was a time when I had to learn how to live differently, to draw in myself the strength not to go crazy, to find solutions in problems, sometimes by going beyond my physical limits.” Guirec Soudee

Photo by Guirec Soudee

Guirec Soudee is a Frenchman who has spent the past several years sailing the Western Hemisphere on his 39-foot sailboat. His only companion was a Rhode Island hen named Monique, though he later incorporated a dog he named Bosco into his small ranks.

The pair had many adventures crossing the Atlantic and then north and around Canada into the Pacific Ocean and down the coast of the Americas and finally home to France. During one period, Guirec and Monique spent almost four-months trapped in the ice just off the coast of Greenland. Living in almost complete darkness, Guirec survived on…

My thoughts on Day 30 of Social Distancing.

I don’t want to hear the C-word. You know the one I am talking about. The one which is so bad, they now have not just one but two words, both start with the letter C to name it. It has shut down our world as we know it. Killed thousands and infected even more. It’s highly contagious (c-word) and affects each of us differently. Covid19 and Coronavirus. They’re all over the news. On Facebook and in every conversation, I have seen or heard. And you know what? I’m just done with the whole thing.I don’t want to hear about…

A story in an 100-hundred words.

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Passions rising. Fingers racing. Courtesy disengaged. Warriors posed, ready to strike, defend and protect. Armed with coffee, quotes, proof. Prepared remarks, taunting memes resting nearby. All within reach of their La-Z-Boy.

Libtard … Racist … Baby killer … Misogynist. Statements without consequences. Words without heart. Objections without thought. Insults made. Tempers rise.

Stupid fascist … ignorant commie … Go back to California, Texas … wherever, whatever, just go.

Screenshots shot, shared and saved. Teams sided. Division embraced. Always good to not be alone. Talk, compassion, love replaced with private groups and Messenger.

Civility erodes. Learning, growth declines.

Community slowly dies.

Melinda Brinkman enjoys sharing her life and adventures as a writer living in North Idaho. She is wife to a traveling husband, a parent of two kiddos and constantly reminding herself that there is life after forty-something.

Taking my writing to the next level.

Photo by MS Brinkman

January 2020

The month of January was a success for one reason; I beat my word goal of 32,000, which is always an accomplishment to celebrate. On top of that, January 2020 has turned out to be my highest word count ever. I reached 35,012 which beats my previous record 31,150 words. Ironically enough, this previous record also took place in January of last year.

I like to consider January as an inspiring month as I begin the new year but I think it is a bit of something else. For me, January has a couple helpful things going on; with 31-days…

Melinda Brinkman

Attempting to make sense of my world, one word at a time.

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