Flagged as Fantastic (@Mefite_) Survey Results

Summary and commentary on the results of a survey for my Metafilter-related Twitter account, Flagged as Fantastic (@Mefite_)

by Melinda Casino (@melindacasino)


You have spoken! The followers of my Metafilter-related Twitter account (@Mefite_ : an independent MetaFilter project) have given me feedback, and now is the time to share and discuss the results.

Thanks to all respondents who took time out of their busy days to fill out the form — I appreciate it.

About the survey

The survey consisted of six questions and was fully anonymous. I kept the number of questions to a minimum because I wanted to encourage responses, and if I could keep the survey to the “just two minutes of your time” mark, I anticipated more data.

Responses were solicited on two different Twitter accounts: Flagged as Fantastic (@Mefite_) and my own personal account (@melindacasino).

The link was tweeted out at different, random times of the day, and using various approaches geared to garnering responses. The most frequent approach can best be described as “humorous and lighthearted”, however I did also use “pleading”, “earnest”, and “desperate”.

Respondents were able to take the survey more than once, an undesirable loophole that Google Forms allows, unless you require survey-takers to identify themselves. I thought it best to choose the anonymous route, risking that some users may take the survey more than once (which I thought highly unlikely).

32 completed surveys were accumulated, short of my goal of 50. However, all things considered, 32 is probably a respectable result. Probably.

Survey was closed on 4/29/2015, and the total number of followers on this date was 176.

Miscellaneous note: this is the first time I had used Google Forms, many thanks to Clarissa (@wintersweet) for being extremely helpful and pointing me to this resource.


Google forms allows you to publish your results in an automatically-generated pie chart summary to the public — here are the results of the Flagged as Fantastic Survey.

Let’s go through the results, one by one.

What kind of flags do you prefer?

I needed feedback on whether followers on the @Mefite_ account liked being directed to fantastic posts, fantastic comments, or both.

20 responses for “I like a mix”, 0 for “no strong preference”, 3 for “I like tweets that draw my attention to excellent main links”, and 9 for “I like tweets that draw my attention to excellent comments.”

So, it’s pretty clear here that you overwhelmingly prefer “a mix”: that is, main posts (Front Page Posts or “fpps”, and other main posts) and comments flagged.

Having said that, the second highest result points to your preference for just the comments.

I think, moving forward, I will flag fewer FPPs (and others, e.g., AskMe, MetaTalk) and place more of an emphasis on locating excellent comments for the @Mefite_ account.

How much commentary do you like?

Highest result for the “how much commentary do you prefer to read?” question is, “A lot of commentary: tell me why you’re flagging this as fantastic”, suggesting that my thoughts are one of those “added value” things.

This makes sense, as there are already Twitter accounts that are run by script (apparently, if I’ve got that right) that automatically tweet out links based on an algorithm. I haven’t got such whiz-bang fripperies: it’s just me, just one person’s opinion and one person’s scanning abilities. (As Jonah says on Veep: “I’m flying solo! I’m fucking Amelia Earhart and I’m still doing a better job than you!”) I don’t have the omnipresence of a bot, but I do bring a human quality and maybe that’s what people are looking for (at least, the ones that follow @Mefite_).

The second highest result, “Not sure, but keep doing what you’re doing”, is reassuring. The third highest result (“I like some, but don’t tell me every single time — once in a while is good”) gives me permision to slack off a bit and just tweet out a quick link if I’m in a rush or otherwise pressed for time.

How many tweets are you comfortable with receiving each day?

Oh lolly this is a tough one. This cuts the deepest, I think.

I’m used to tweeting as much or as little as I want, but with an eye to keeping the customer happy, I threw this question in, thinking people would most likely “vote” for the higher end of the scale. Boy, was I wrong.

As you can see, the clear winner is 5–10 tweets per day.

I don’t keep tally but I’d estimate I currently tweet 20–50 per day, on average. Clearly you are not wanting this.

The second highest response is comforting, however: no strong preference. Aha! Perhaps that gives me a loophole. But I still cannot ignore those 37.5% of respondents that said otherwise.

Time for me to flag much, much more selectively.

When you do you like to receive tweets?

This survey question could’ve been scrapped as most of you didn’t give two hoots:

84.4% of you have ‘no strong preference’. Right-ho! Moving on…

Spacing of the tweets

This question was designed to find out if you have any preference for the spacing of the tweets: do you prefer the tweets all in one block or what?

Again, a clear preference from you all: you want your tweets sprinkled throughout the day.

I can do that!

GIFs — oh boy.

I used this text in this question: “Here’s a chance for you to give me some really useful feedback on the subject of GIF usage!”

And you did.

40.6% telling me that I should “take it down a notch” — looks like I’ll have to cut back on the GIF usage.

However, interestingly, there was a sizable amount of you who love the GIFs (31.3%), and those who have no strong opinion (25%). (And one who HATES the GIFs; sorry, anonymous person, but this is a voting thing…)

I’m going to listen to reason and cut back on the GIFs as a result of these responses. (Plus — my husband dislikes so many.)

Final Words

Thank you so much to all the respondents for filling out this survey, your preferences are noted and will be embraced (even through gritted teeth, oh my precious GIFs…!) as we move forward at @Mefite_ . Cheers!

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