Get Your Cat Fix Here.

A neighborhood walk leads to a friendly cat encounter.

by Melinda Casino

My neighborhood walk takes me past a house where a very friendly cat lives: “Fluffy Cat”. I believe it is a seal point Himalayan, but I could be wrong. I’ve met its owner and she told me the cat’s name is “Nelzy”, but I just refer to it as “Fluffy Cat”.

At any rate, I’ve found this to be one of the most sociable cats I’ve ever encountered: it will come running from the yard through this iron gate right up to you, just as a dog would. It looks at your face, as a dog does, and it likes to be petted — just like a dog. Not only that but when you try to leave it will follow you!

This is one people-centric cat. On with the photos!

The fur is as soft as it looks!

A small floral decoration attached to the collar, and a small jingle-bell.

Fluffy Cat sniffs…

…and decides the satchel I’m carrying is good for rubbing!

Big blue eyes.


“Why you no give me satchel to rub on?” Note jingle-bell is visible.

Okay, here you go!

Awwww. This cat feels the same way I feel about satchels…

Noble, fluffy, white. This is some cat!

It decided to flop down unceremoniously. This is the border between the driveway and the road.

The full roll completed, Fluffy Cat surveys the world.

Standing — where you going?

To find a better place to flop, of course!

There’s nothing in the world quite like a good flop, to a cat…

Heh. You’re all dirty now, cat.

It doesn’t care.

I tried to leave the cat, taking a few paces, then decided to get some more photos — to my surprise Fluffy got up and started walking towards me! No! You stay there, Fluffy!

I must go now, Fluffster. Be back soon.

It still tried to follow me.

You stay. You have a home and an owner.

See you soon, Fluffy Cat.

~ Fin ~

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