My new hero!

All weekend I have been upset about Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand up for the flag. Kaepernick has the right idea; he is fighting the right cause. It appears that Kaepernick forgets he is in fact offending the men and women who put their lives at risk, which affords him the right to remain seated. Although this is a free country, it is not a perfect country. We have lots of issues that need addressing. Do not forget that America is progressive. A constant need of change influences growth. With freedom of speech, we are able to express anything we see as wrongful doing. As a nation, we must find solutions to these problems. Therefore as Americas, we should untie!

The men and women who fight for our rights are the sole reason we should respect the flag. We stand to show that we respect and support their bravery. We stand to show our appreciation towards the families that have to go through the heart ache of missing a loved one overseas. We stand to show respect to all those whom have fallen to protect our rights. To disrespect the flag, is disrespecting all of the people who have made this nation great. Keapernick forgets that America also has plenty of people who are making a difference, or are at least trying to do so.

Michael Guyer (blogger) said it best when he said, “You can ingore the flag… you can turn your back on it…you can spit on it… and you can even burn the flag if you want to. The American flag and all the amazing people that it represents will continue to protect you and your God-given right to express yourself in any way you see fit.” This is why Michael Guyer is my new hero. Reading his articles brought me to tears, because he doesn’t understand when America became so backwards. I completely agree with Guyer’s confusion regarding the digression of our country. He identifies that changes need to be made. He also knows if you want change, there are more positive ways of trying to achieve that goal. My main issue with Kaepernick is in his form of protest. Kaepernick is a man of status and influence. He could have used his creditablilty to make a powerful impact on thoundsands of people. However, he chose to disrespect something that symbolizes unity!