Who wants it more!

Who do I think will win the World Series of 2016? That is a hard question to answer considering all the unforeseeable in baseball. Injuries can occur at any time leaving a team without a pitcher. Amazing unpredictable games that change the outcome of which teams will be the wildcard contenders.

Well I came to predicting two teams in the World Series, Boston Red Sox’s and the Chicago Cubs. According to FiveThirtyEight, they have the Cubs with a 22% chance winning the world series, while having the Red Sox’s with a 19% chance.Both teams are number one in their divisions. Cubs clinched a 100% spot in the playoffs which makes them number one contender across the board for the world series. The Chicago Cubs have gamblers in Vegas ready to put lots of money on the title of world champs. The Cubs hold a record of 95–55, best in baseball. The Red Sox’s are surely not far behind, with a 99.9% chance of making the playoffs and having a record of 86–64.

The advantage the Red Sox’s have over the Cubs is the bullpen. The Red Sox’s bullpen has an incredible 1.06 ERA which is ahead of the next-best team by nearly a full run! Not to mention, the Red Sox’s batting is on fire! With notable players with over 150 hits this season so far, Hanley Ramirez, Dustin Pedroia, Xander Bogaerts, Travis Shaw, Jackie Bradley, Mookie Betts, And David Ortiz. The line-up is more than likely going to produce a hit when up to bat. David Ortiz is the most notable of the line-up with 35 home runs! Just like the Red Sox’s, the Cubs have an amazing line-up with Anthony Rizzo, Ben Zobrist, Addison Russell, Kris Bryant, Dexter Fowler, and Jason Heyward with almost or more then 150 hits this season so far. With leaderKris Bryant beating David Ortiz with 37 home runs!

The pitching dose seem to be a problem with the Cubs with starting pitcher Jake Arrieta struggling with command walking 21 guys in 37 and a half innings, surly affecting his ERA. When the Red Sox’s have pitchers in the bullpen pitching 100 mph, and clearly can close out a game, it is a huge problem not to have something in comparison.

Anything can happen from here to the World Series, but I’m going to have to go Red Sox’s for the win in the World Series of 2016!

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