Innovative Technology

The development of an innovative project requires consideration of all the factors that, one way or another, affect the success of its implementation. Firstly, in the case of the introduction of a new innovative technology internally, it is worth considering probable innovative risks. For instance, the costs of its implementation can greatly exceed its efficiency. In other words, it is worth remembering that the investment in innovation project should be very careful and thoughtful. Concerning the new social networking technology for their students, social risks are mostly associated with uncertainties: social tensions emerged from the incorrect functioning of the social network system, which lead to conflicts; too much intrusion in the life of the students, or exceed surveillance over their activities.

It should be mentioned that innovative risk of the company, which is implementing an innovative project deriving from internal sources in fact are more manageable and predictable than the risk of externally acquired innovative technology. Apart from that, when purchasing external innovation system (no matter how meticulously developed it can be), it is likely that this system can not get accustomed to the current environment. This can happen because of two systems does not match or cannot be possibly synchronized or combined, or because of weak adaptation capability, or various differential structure of both systems (for example, the small online high school that has already launched the related type of innovation system may have another management or coordination structure).

Factors which should be paid particular attention when evaluating the implemented innovative technology are the success of the innovative project, the realization of the primary goals. Regarding innovative social networking the focus should be done on reaching the expected development of communication between students, improvement in the corporate atmosphere such as strengthening the ties of friendship, cohesion, reduction of social tension, anxiety or aggression, the amount of emotional and mental breakdowns.

Assessment of functioning of the external innovative technology can be considered on terms of compatibility between the ground internal structure and the implemented one. In addition, the detailed SWOT analysis should be conducted in order to reveal strengths and weaknesses in the functioning of new innovative system and identify whether it is the most suitable for the internal system among the other possible alternatives of organizing the virtual activities and communication among students.

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