So it is 2016

There is always the new hustle of a new year. The new energy. The vitality of the world focused on how to make this year better than the last. I have never been very good at that. Never been very good at making broad sweeping resolutions other than my Fall Resolutions and that time I vowed to drink more coffee and sleep less in the coming new year, I am rather a “best self every day” girl.

But maybe this year will be different. I have recently made some pretty big changes in my life. I took a new job. Still in Higher Education but with a Tribal College, which has exposed me directly to problems and situations, I had only read about before. It is hard, exciting, and interesting every day.

This job has provided me with about an hour and a half more a day with my daughter. And a lot more flexibility when she needs me for appointments or other things. I love this part so much. She is completely adjusted to more mommy time and loves our new routine.

But where I used to see a direct, straight line, to where I wanted to go in life, I now see a meandering path. And I am adjusting to that idea slowly. Sometimes my old plans and ideas catch up with me and I find myself unable to relate to that person I was before. Now the things that are important have changed so much.

So here we go 2016, let’s see what life looks like in a year. I couldn’t have guessed it looking like this a year ago. In the past I would want to see the projection on the board, the data to support it. But now, I just want time with my daughter to slow down and other aspects to speed up and pass us by.

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