The Side Hustle

When I heard it, I knew. I knew Side Hustle described perfectly what my “thing” was. Putting it simply, a side hustle is a hobby that can be monetized. For most, it’s a dream that they aren’t quite ready to do full time. So they run it on the side.

The older I get, the more I realize I had a picturesque childhood. I can only hope to create this for my daughter. But I definitely saw some side hustles (even though they would never call them that) and creative makers constantly. Both of my parents are creative and talented on the side of their main careers. To me, this was a completely normal thing to see growing up and it isn’t until recently that I see that this was quite rare actually.

So, a side hustle was encouraged, engaged, cultivated, and supported by my family. My current side hustles all fall in maker’s space. Engaging in creating constantly is crucial to my sense of self. Right now, I work on a little side hustle called Little Dearie which is handmade and designed children’s clothes with quirky and unique as essential as well crafted and easy wear. Having a daughter definitely inspired me to create baby items and since has lit this fire for children’s fashion.

Creating has been a labor of love and healing for me. When I started this quest of “something” I didn’t know what it would be. And at first, it was nothing. It was me sewing and sewing the same items often (try 7 versions of the first Neck Nuzzler — infinity scarf look on a bib for my drooly monkey girl). It was me learning a lot of sewing techniques quickly as I had only started sewing within the year.

But I knew it was good.

It was my Aunts, my mom, and my sister getting together — dealing with life and saying, “and now, let’s create.”

Sewing circles of the past, well, they have it together. When I had my daughter, I suddenly realized how much I needed this village, this community of support. And for me, I was lucky enough to have it. They taught me things, helped me with things, listened, talked, and tried out the designs with me.

And then we all stepped back about the same moment and said, “I think there might just be something here. Let’s do it.” So we jumped, when we were all scared at different levels and engaged in the business at different levels. But we are all proud to be part of everything this stands for.

For this side hustle.

So yes, my daughter won’t realize for a long time that she is lucky to have had a unique childhood where she was pushed from day one to look at things from a different perspective. And more over, to be urged to create.

Just create.

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