How you can stop the anguish now

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Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner.

— Lao Tzu

Are you a people pleaser?

I have come to realize there is a bit of a people-pleaser in all of us. You may recognize it or not, as it may appear in different ways. I had to sit with the thought of people-pleasing as the topic for this article.

I generally don’t find myself a people pleaser. I consider myself a tough cookie and excellent at setting boundaries. I have sat with aggressive time-share salespeople in Mexico, in order to get a free fishing…

Get Back On Track For The New Year

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When quarantine started in March, I thought, “Yep, this will all be over by June, at the latest.”

Wow, I was wrong. Did you think the same thing?

This in-activity has become a whole new way of life for a lot of people. Many people are still stuck inside all day. Some of us aren’t seeing our friends like we used to. Often by choice out of fear. Many people’s daily routines are still upside down with work, children, and school. Or, they are still in an “I don’t know” pattern.

Are you one of those people who may not…

Tips On How To Use Music To Feel Better

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Have you ever been sucked into something? Like that great novel you can’t put down and then you think about it? Brings back memories? And you replay it over and over in your head?

I had this recently happen with the Alanis Morissette Audible. It’s free if you an Amazon Prime member- no advertisement here just sharing.

It brought me back a few years and made me smile. I remember seeing her perform live when I was a buyer for Target. Target had bestselling artists come to the corporate office and perform in the lobby or for their annual company…

Tips On How To Own Your Power By Stepping Into Your Confidence

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“With realization in one’s potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.” — The Dalai Lama

I challenge you to think about this. Do you realize your potential? Do you have confidence in your ability? How can you build a better world for yourself, your family, and others?

I think back 11 years ago when my husband Ryan and I landed in The FL Keys. It’s 11 years last month — October 2009. We had both lost our jobs, and we were starting over from scratch.

We had this unshakable belief in the universe and that…

Have you ever wished you could be 12 again?

Photo of Sydney Bryn Krieg (used with permission-authors’ niece)

Not in the aspect of having to go through any teenage challenges, friendship drama, or even now with social media dominating our lives. But in realizing the vast opportunity and potential at your finger-tips if you stay positive?

As adults, our natural tendency is often to go to a negative place. Why is that? Why do we think more critically, judge, condemn, complain? Is there a real reason, or does society allow us to do that, and it’s easier? It doesn’t feel good, so why?

Or maybe you don’t realize the power of positivity now? If that’s the case, no…

Three Simple Tips To Change Your Mindset

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“What are your thoughts on toxic positivity?” one of the attendees asked the speaker.

I was recently a speaker in a live virtual summit on self-care. An essential topic for everyone nowadays, and I was excited to be one of the 12 speakers. One of the attendees posed a question to another fellow speaker regarding her thoughts on toxic positivity. The speaker responded with her viewpoint and referred to it as “gross.”


I briefly scratched my head. (To be honest. I think my head spun around my body.) Intuitively I knew what this phrase meant without even hearing it…

How To Steps To Break Free And Live A Better Life

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“Things always work in my favor.”

I was on a networking call this week, and we had to go around and share our daily gratitude.

I am grateful that things always work in my favor.

However, I do realize the following may be a tough pill to swallow:

“Stay positive!” “Keep your energy high!” “Stay away from negative people!”

So think about it, how often have you been discouraged by situations?

· Work/Business?

· People? Your spouse/partner?

· Things breaking?

I am sure you can add to this list.

So in light of all the craziness, I wanted to share…

Recognizing and trusting that everything will work out is the key to a positive mindset.

Image by Callum Skelton- Upspash

Do you have the mindset that “everything works out as it’s supposed to”?

That, “everything works out in my favor”?

Or more simply put, that “everything works out”?

If you don’t have that mindset, I challenge you to think about it and recall some instances where things did work out.

Last summer, I heard a podcast about a special speaking event that was going to be held then end of March 2020 in NYC. I was extremely excited! I pinned the application date on my calendar and connected with both of the organizers on Linked In.

After applying, I found…

It’s harsh but how I feel

Authors Photo- Aug 2019. Sister, Dad and Author

I love my dad, and I have a great dad, but I missed out on my childhood, not knowing my dad.

I have never written about this before….and it’s something only my sister and I discuss.

Yep, we all lived under the same roof.

We ate dinner together every night.

He attended everything he needed to participate in.

He played Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny; you name it.

But I didn’t know him, and I knew that.

Why is that? The flat-out reason is I have a very domineering mom.

The world revolved around her, and he complied.


Tips on keeping your relationship strong

Photo by Christin Hume- Upsplash

I was beginning to write yesterday afternoon when I got sucked into an excellent and well-written article regarding Rachel and Dave Hollis’s divorce. I wasn’t aware they were getting divorced as I stopped following her over a year ago.

After I read these two articles, I hustled over to the marina to help my husband, Ryan. Our boat was coming back to the dock as Ryan had finished back to back charters.

My husband Ryan and I own a fishing charter business in The FL Keys, Good Karma Sportfishing. It was my husbands’ dream to become a fishing charter captain…

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