Rise Above It All


Searching for an answer, inside a soul that is so strong.
Wasn’t weak at the time, so tell me, where did I go wrong?

I thought the sands near the ocean, was as soft as the salt.
I didn’t come up with all the answers, and i thought it was my fault.

All the years have become me, so i thought as I stood tall.
Wondering what the rest of my life will be like, and will i rise above it all.

I can hear my mother saying, “Nothing is worth your precious life”.
And, “Pain is just an emotion, but it can cut you like a knife”.

I don’t know how I have even lived in this life time so long,
I can hear these old voices saying inside me “Hold on, hold on real strong”.

Sometimes music is like a pain killer, it helps me to forget.
It’s not easy living in any life with so much sorrow and regret.

I looked to the sky for all the answers, thinking at night the stars will eventually talk back. I finally found my placement in this world, and i’m heading on the right track.

Birds whistle in the morning, dawn is moving up the sky so tall.
The smell of fresh air, with butterflies flying and we’ve rised above it all.

Where there is pain, there is joy, where there is happiness, there is sorrow. When we feel like the day has been to much, we can always count on tomorrow.

Bad days will always happen, knowing not one day is the same.
No matter how the day is planned, we can always plan it to be changed.

As the river flows down the stream, and down a crispy water fall.
Then your breath is taken away by death, and our souls rise above it all.

You can never take life for granted, especially if you have lived more than one. Your soul lifts above the clouds, when your eyes can match the sun.

So everyday is a miracle, as you live your life, you should stand tall. Then you can sit back years from now knowing, that you’ve rised above it all.

Sincerely Yours ~

Meladose- AKA Melinda Lynn “The Vampire Ghost”