Lucia Audeves — ESL Assignment

Lucia Audeves (CQ) Lucia Audeves, 19, is a driven young lady from Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. She has lived in Tucson for only three months with her two older siblings but already has a successful road ahead of herself.

Lucia’s parents are both engineers, her mother a chemical engineer and her father an agricultural engineer, her older brother, 23, is at the U of A studying to be a civil engineer and sister, 20, is at Eller College at the U of A. It is easy to see why she is so driven.

Lucia is a full time student in Pima Community College’s ESL program, learning English as a second language and working towards transferring to the U of A’s Eller College for a bachelor’s is business. Her dream is to own a business with her older sister. What the business will be? She’s not sure yet.

Lucia’s favorite part about Tucson is that she is close to her siblings again, but she does get homesick and misses her parents who still live in Obregon.

Lucia describes her self as very social, but knows when it is time to actually get to work. She appreciates honesty and reliability in others.

“To me it is very important to do what you promised,” Lucia said

While her main focus is on school, Lucia does not currently have a job but she does find other ways to fill her time with hobbies and volunteering.

Lucia’s hobbies include sports and exercising, she is very passionate about living a healthy lifestyle but still enjoys to baking and decorating elaborate cakes and cook meals such as lasagna. Her favorite restaurant here is the Olive Garden.

She not only has a passion for food and exercise though. Lucia enjoys electronic dance music like artist Steve Aoki, horror movies like the “Orphan,” and TLC tv shows like “Cake Boss” and “Say Yes to The Dress.”

Whatever Lucia’s future plans may be it is clear that what she does she will have a passion for it. She has her family and especially her parents to thank for being supportive, but also pushing her to be the independent young woman she is today. Lucia Audeves is driven and headed for great things.

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