Unlock the door to a successful future

It is truly amazing to see how something that is on the brink of failure ends up becoming a huge success after a tiny spark of intuition. One thing leads to another, and once you begin steering on the right path and acquire the proper knowledge that will make all the difference, you have unlocked a successful future.

Airbnb’s success story is undoubtedly inspiring through their ability to implement design thinking into their business to allow it take off. One simple gesture, which was taking the experience of the user into consideration, was all it took to get the ball rolling.

Planting yourself into the shoes of the user is like a sign of respect. It allows them to feel like all their needs and wants have been fulfilled and unless they’re the picky ones, there isn’t anything they could use against you. Some may say the target market is broad and it could be hard to pinpoint what their expectations are however, most expectations apply to a general crowd and something as simple as changing photos from low-res and unprofessional to professional high-resolution photos can make all the difference. It gives the user a newly acquired feeling of trust and certainly allows room for appreciation for the company.

All Airbnb needed was this little push, and doubling their income from $200 a week to $400 a week was all it took to believe they were heading in the right direction.

After seeing where the company was heading after a whole year of being in business, they did not give up and call it quits, instead they strived to work through it and as a result of this perseverance, discovered the key to success.

I always catch myself reflecting on how simple ideas such as Snapchat and Twitter, have blown up in our society. I remember the first time I downloaded Snapchat when only one or two of my friends had it. I thought of it as just another app that I would probably be deleting in a month or two once I forgot about it. However, my friend list began to grow suddenly and more and more people were hearing about it and could not get enough of it. As it grew, it allowed the Snapchat creators to dive deeper and add new features, which made it even more popular. It once served only one purpose, and now it can do many things such as text chat, 24-hour stories, live video, filters, and more.

People love it because it is something that implements the user into the entire experience. Want to send a screenshot of somebody’s Snapchat story to a friend? Good luck, that person will get a notification that you’ve snapping pics of their story before you even get a chance to send it to someone… and that is the sole purpose of why you most likely wont do it… unless you don’t care what that person thinks of you. But chances are, you do.

The same goes for Airbnb, it is a simple idea but it is innovative. It allows people to travel to any place in the world and be welcomed into somebody’s home; it takes away the dreaded yucky hotel experience and makes you feel more at home, and that is exactly how people want to feel when they are far away from their real home; home away from home, as they call it.