Build a healthy eating regime that will never fail you

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Eating healthy should be a priority for everyone because nurturing our bodies with healthy fuel improves gut health, heart health, mood, memory, work performance, etc.

But far from being a quick fix, adequate nutrition is a long journey of self-love with a few major rules to keep in mind.

Micheal Pollan, in his book In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto and The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals, captures healthy eating in a sentence rule:

When you buy food, think of how many processes did it go through. Does the…

“We are what we constantly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit” -Aristotle

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You might have times when you are motivated to run in the middle of the night. A few sessions in, you give your all and are in your mojo. Until that motivation dries out and you don’t feel like moving at all. You just want to lie down on your mat, scroll, or find good angles for a selfie at the gym.

Fitness doesn’t have to a task you dread. Even though it takes effort, many tend to overcomplicate it. …

Every product we buy is embedded in a political context and every choice holds a political statement

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For a political graduate, everything is political, but some things more than others, especially food. Thoroughly related to human cultural and anthropological development, food is tangled with our political identities as well.

Food cannot escape “the political” because it is produced in a highly politicized context with power dynamics and patterns. Every product is embedded in a political context, also called the politics of products.

Most of the time, the linkage between politics and food — the politics of products — is not immediately apparent. How food is produced, categorized, distributed, accessed, and marketed is an issue of power.


Check and filter your content quality based on its utility, empathy, and inspiration level

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We can all write some sentences hence we can all create content¹. Anyone can do it, right?! Many articles claim that content writing is an occupation that relies on practice and goodwill to get better, rather than talent or muse.

But, when trying to monetize this skill, amidst the current information overflow, competition drives us, ‘small people’, to create for pennies and work overtime to deliver as much as we can. Content writers get stuck between spending more time curating stories and producing content in quantities.

But, there is a golden middle, and it doesn’t always mean spending more hours…

From muscle mass to toning and definition to burning stubborn fat

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Apart from our goals, level, or health restrictions, our personality often chooses the physical activity we practice. Many people are brought up with a sport, some dwell on temporary endeavors, others want to challenge all there is on a whim.

But, physical activity doesn’t have to be all about challenges. Working out is just another way of moving our body, connecting with it through training, as we do with our intellectual and emotional intelligence.

No matter the journey and results, if you were at some point challenged and decided to test the limits of your body: KUDOS!!!

Now, why stay…

A challenging 45 minute routine with power and strength exercises

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Every time I start feeling like my fitness regime is a task, I come up with new things to try. They often include bodyweight exercises I saved on my phone or social media. This Sunday, with gyms being closed and the rain pouring down, I knew it was a good day to give some of them a go.

After this routine, serotonin came knocking on my door, and we had a conversation about how unnecessary gyms are and how we can achieve sculpted bodies at the conform of our home.

The following routine is a good mix of functional and…

Hypertrophy training doesn’t have to be boring

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Strong and big muscles have a simple formula: Training + nutrition + recovery. Any physical activity where we activate our cardiovascular system, exercise tension, and resistance to our muscles results in building and training muscle endurance and strength.

But for better and faster results, hence bigger and stronger muscle, we need to facilitate the process that enables the increase of muscle cell size and overall muscle mass of the body, called hypertrophy. Hypertrophy is a kind of resistance training with its own range of motion, volume, and techniques.

Even though hypertrophy is effective in building muscle, if we do the…

Conflict is inevitable but we can choose our battles, for our own well-being, personal growth, and peace

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Sometimes our beliefs clash with our needs, leading to inner conflict. Other times people do things we don’t like, or they get in our way of handling stuff.

Every conflict starts from a disagreement, where you see things differently from your coworkers, shop assistants, dog, or anyone in between. Or maybe you don’t understand someone’s behavior and try to make sense of it on your own terms creating a new conflictual situation.

Many people see conflict as related to power, and they approach it as a calculation of force. You win, or you lose. But, winning an argument might come…

Get past the stalling period and lift with 75% of your strength

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Getting started with weightlifting is not easy nor appealing. With the starting weight being quite light, you either rush into the exercise, do countless reps, get bored or not feel anything.

Although beginners are supposed to see results faster, many people seem to stall their progression while lifting weights, and once they get bored with their routine, they give up.

In most cases, the lack of progress is not an issue of genetics, rather than the right approach, commitment, effort, and patience.

Weight lifting is a type of resistance training — one where your body resists an external force, aka…

Wanting abs is aesthetics, wanting a strong core is craving strength

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The core, by the name, is the most important part of our body, without which our strength, body mobility, and endurance mean nothing. Just like a tree, that without a healthy and strong trunk cannot have deep roots and a big, beautiful, healthy crown, our core needs to get strong in proportion to other muscles.

The benefits of training core go beyond abs and how it looks. Every physical exercise, with weights or without, needs strong core muscles to rely on. Besides helping in our athletic performance, a strong core is paramount to functional fitness. …


Political writer/researcher and a fitness junkie. I believe we can lead a sustainable life by needing and consuming less.

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