Second Sight

A piece of a love story beyond the ordinary world.

Set in Victorian Britain, this is part of a beautiful relationship blossoming between a Lord and a Butler that might involve much more than only themselves. Hope you like it.

Ellen and Sebastian had a long conversation at the dinner table about her beloved son, they shared some stories, defied his angry eyebrows of a beholder, as he sat there watching. It was hard to tell when he was enjoying or hating something, so they just had fun about it. Sebastian was quite fond of the lady and loved to hear stories stories about her past, she was even more passionate than her son, and that meant *a lot*.

It was late in the evening when they finally went to sleep. Everyone was feeling so tired, Eoin almost didn’t argue about Seb sleeping on the floor.

The next day went fine, luckily Ellen didn’t have any crisis for the first time in weeks, and now that she had Eoin and Sebastian to do the tasks of the house, she could have some actual rest. Sebastian realized how spine-crushing it was to sleep on the floor and decided he had to do something about that, not saying there were any room for another mattress, but maybe they could work out a way. Eoin was starting to accept that he’d have company for a long while, and thought it had been amazing so far, he felt strange about not playing his role as a buttler after seven years, and allowing Sebastian to do all that house services all the sudden. If anyone ever found out, he’d be ruined for life! .*They* would. But still, he was glad to have him around. The house had gained life, the days were more colorful and even his mother was cheerful now. He never knew what was it about Sebastian that made everybody love him instantly, that inner sparkle that could change the mood of the day in a moment.

They spent the whole afternoon fixing up the house, cleaning and placing things, tought one afternoon wasn’t enough to finish, obviously, so they’d be busy for at least a couple of weeks.

By the night, they were broken and exhausted. Eoin helped preparing the dinner and even shared a few words in the conversation. When they went to bed, it was Eoin’s night on the floor, but Seb couldn’t stop thinking about the pain it would cause him. He laid there staring at him, trying to figure a solution, something that could keep his fragile body from tearing apart, to protect his appealing bones and beautiful curves...

- You’re staring. - said Eoin, to what he startled. - What’s wrong?

- I’m sorry! I was just thinking of how this bed on the floor was such a bad idea. It’s a nasty thing!

- Really? - he laughed - Thank you for the reminder! I hadn’t noticed.

They laughed.

- I know it sounds weird but... I don’t mind sharing the bed. I mean, our spines are already at the point of breaking down, and until we find a better solution, I think it’s worth it... - an awkward silence followed and Sebastian thought he should stay quiet more often. - Nevermind. It was just an idea...

- I think it’s fine.

- Sorry, what?

- I said fine. I don’t mind sharing it either. Besides, we’ve done it before. 
 Sebastian thanked heavens for the darkness, so he couldn’t see his face turning red. Eoin laid right beside him, like they used to do when they were younger. Then he kissed Seb’s forehead and whispered.

- Good night, sweet prince.

And he had to hold really tight not to pour himself over him and become his blanket.

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