Many quotes say that if you love someone you haven’t to have him

But me,

I always think how can I love him without having him by my side?


I want he becomes mine, but how can if I can’t say what is my feeling? It’s hurt to save it just by your self. Try to hide it and just follow the rule although you never know what does his feeling for you.


It’s hard to say it but It’s hard to hide it. Why? It’s simple, because I’m too shy and too afraid


I’m trying to hide it but, time by time I feel there is something wrong deep in my heart. And I’m sure that’s because I’ve keep this love for many times and now it’s getting unstable and can’t wait anymore.


Should I be the one who say it first? But….. I’m a girl, can I? Or should I wait for moretimes again?

That’s okay because

Love is You ❤