I live in Australia, I will travel to South East Asia to begin ☺
Wild Flower

hello Wild Flower , how are you? my old did not notify you. This day I have completed writing about my experience and ambition to become a volunteer. this my article.

At the end of 2013, I have completed training as a nurse, in the colleges of health sciences. Armed with a variety of activities and experiences went to the field (hospitals, emergency medical service training and health education to the community).

In early 2015, God gave me the way for working at a government hospital where I live. Until now I am still actively working in this hospital. With the experience of working as a nurse and the ability I have, hopefully I can step up to the next level, about humanity. Being a medical volunteers to various parts of the world.

I want to be able to learn real life directly, seeing the world and share the struggle story of mankind in various parts of the earth to the other people. I want to take a trip arround the world, but it is not just a trip, my trip should have good impact for the other peoples life.

Specifically for the people who need help and encouragement. I want to join is not to get a pride, I leave it at home: religion, ethnicity, nation and ideology. I will unite with the same humanity spirit out there.

With the ability and the knowledge that I acquired during study and work, that's what I want to share for the other people wherever I stay.

Come for them, to feel what they feel. Embracing, protect, make the children feel safe especially the children who have lost their parents, friends, home, school and playground. Bring a sense of caring for others. is there a less embarrassing than ignorance?

All I want is happiness. To be a volunteer it is not easy, but actually volunteers are the happiest peoples ever. The happiness of a volunteer come from that life has became more meaningful.

I quote a sentence that I ever read in a book and I agree with that, when we dedicate ourselves to others, could be useful to the other person even remotely what, is already generating positive energy in themselves. The greater positive energy become the greater desire us to share. The more we share, the more positive energy that we get. Circle of happiness became stronger, because the sense of sharing that have no end.

How? I hope this can help to realize my dream. and got a chance in one of the volunteer agencies. Help me please.. :)

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